Taipei Big Egg Safety Report released to point to five key missing security screening

China Xia Jingwei Network April 16 hearing: According to Taiwan media reports, the Taipei City Government released a large giant egg security report in the morning, pointing to the Big Five egg security key missing, which hampered people's escape and disaster rescue.

According to reports, the security inspection report pointed out that the key issues for security inspection include: 1. The excessive construction of a large-scale building leads to a dramatic increase in disaster risk; 2. The shopping mall and the giant egg are constructed into a security crisis; 3. The overall underground parking lots are connected and the disaster is prone to spread. Diffusion; Fourth, fire disaster relief can not be carried out; Fifth, outdoor space can not accommodate all escaped people.

The security inspection team pointed out that in the big dome sports park, the big domes are surrounded by ancillary buildings such as shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, office buildings, etc., and there are 2226 cars and 3,800 motorcycles underneath the big mega-egg. , 60 large buses, 56 parking spaces for loading and unloading (wide area of ​​B5 floor is 19,600 pings), making disaster prevention and evacuation extremely difficult.

The report pointed out that there are almost no such cases in the world's giant egg buildings, and the reason for this is that the major factors are the large number of outbuildings that the former municipal government negotiated and gave to development units.

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