The water-saving self-spraying scrubber was successfully developed in Kazakhstan and will be mass-produced.

Five minutes, ten liters of water, washed a car, 10 minutes, 15 liters of water, a van was completely renewed, a convenient and water-saving self-spraying scrubber was introduced in Harbin Jinxing Electronics Co., Ltd.

Commentary: According to Chen Qi, the general manager of this company, the self-jet scrubber consists of a brush head, a brush rod, a brush tube and a bucket for storing water. The brush head can be rotated, and there is a nozzle on the brush head. Rotating in one direction with a range of up to 10 meters. As long as the car washer pushes the brush bar with both hands, the brush head sprays water, and the car can be washed freely. In the same period: Chen Qi, general manager of Harbin Jinxing Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.:

When designing, it is mainly considered that convenience is the first, and objectively achieves the purpose of saving water. Normally brush up, in the general dirty situation, our 15 liter bucket can finish a car. A van like me is a little more water in a bucket.

Commentary: According to the introduction, the characteristics of the self-spraying brush are simple and convenient. At first glance, the biggest feature is water saving. According to simple calculations, its water consumption is 10% of the faucet's brushing, 25% of the brush water brushing, and 50% of the high-pressure water gun washing machine. It has "three nos", no electricity, no mechanical pumps, no fixed water source.

It combines water absorption, water storage, water spray and brushing functions. It can be widely used to wash objects with dust and dirt on the surface of cars, glass doors and windows, building flat walls. The washing process can be up and down, high or low, and the amount of water spray can be controlled by hand. Commentary: At present, this product has obtained national patent rights and will be mass produced. At the Harbin Fair this year, it was favored by all parties. At present, many merchants have ordered the product.

It is reported that Australian investors are also optimistic about the product, and have started funding preparation for cooperation. In the same period: Chen Qi, general manager of Harbin Jinxing Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.: Now that the information about this product has arrived in Australia, Australian investors are very interested and hope to be able to promote it in Australia and the surrounding water-deficient countries. And intend to invest money and cooperate with us.