Used in the new shielded pump oil refining industry

The shielded pump produced by Dalian Baolong Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has obvious advantages compared with the petrochemical process pump.

1. Flammable and explosive working conditions: petrochemical pump with mechanical seal, sealing principle The machine seals the mirror ring to form a liquid film when rotating at high speed, and cools the machine seal. There is a hidden danger. The shielded pump is explosion-proof and completely leak-free. Explosion-proof grade DIIBT3/DIIBT4, protection grade: IP54/IP55, more suitable for flammable and explosive conditions;

2. The petrochemical process pump is compared according to the API610 standard according to the PLAN11/PLAN11+52 scheme of the machine seal standard API682: the inlet pressure is too large, resulting in a short service life of the PLAN11 machine seal. The PLAN11+52 solution resulted in excessive procurement costs. The use of the shield pump can be designed according to user requirements, regardless of the inlet pressure.

3. Comparison of use cost: In addition to impeller, pump body and other components, petrochemical pump 2 years spare parts generally need to report bearing / machine seal / shaft nut / shaft / bearing circlip / plum pad / coupling / machine sealing Covers, etc., and the shield pump generally only needs to report the bearing / bushing + thrust plate.