Xinmeixing medium temperature beverage filling production line passed technical appraisal

The 20,000 bottle/hour (500ml) polyester bottled drinking water filling production line developed, designed and produced by Jiangsu Xinmeixing Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. recently passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department in Nanjing. To the market.

The aseptic cold filling technology developed by Xinmeixing Company absorbs the advanced technology of the aseptic cold filling production line of Germany KRONES and Italy PROCOMAC company, and has made a breakthrough in the sterilization process of packaging materials, and designed and manufactured 2000 bottles/hour ( 500ml) The medium-temperature filling production line of the ester bottled beverage can ensure the aseptic hygiene requirements of filling; the bottle type is convenient to change, the filling is stable, and the tea beverage and the juice beverage can be carried out under the temperature condition of 70 ° C in an ordinary polyester bottle. Filling. Ensure that the product meets the retention requirements without adding any preservatives. At present, the production line has been officially put into use in more than 40 enterprises such as Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 Plant and Japan Otsuka Pharmaceutical.