What should you watch out for when using a vehicle-borne spore catcher?

The vehicle-borne spore trap is one of the spore traps and belongs to the category of mobile spore traps because it is used in automobiles and other motor vehicles and is therefore called a vehicle-borne spore trap. Tests have shown that when the air moves relative to the trap at a speed of 12 m/s, it can be captured normally, and since the vehicle-borne spore trap is loaded on the vehicle, it is compared with a fixed spore trap. It can collect airborne spores in a large area in a lot of time and is therefore a very important plant protection device used in modern plant protection work. However, as the use of vehicle-borne spore traps in agriculture has become more widespread, some incorrect uses have begun to appear. Therefore, in order to exert the superior myocardial infarction of the vehicle-borne spore traps, the following should be noted when using the vehicle-borne spore traps: Content.

Vehicle-borne spore catcher

1. The use time of the vehicle-borne spore trap is generally better after the general disease in the field, especially when it is used in the disease pandemic year or region, and the effect is more significant. Because more airborne spores can be captured at this time, it is of more research value.
2. When using the vehicle in the field, the installation height of the vehicle-borne spore trap must be taken care of. Generally it is not suitable to be too high from the ground or the canopy, because studies have shown that the concentration of E. coli in the air is farther away from the canopy. .
3. The use of vehicle-borne spore traps also stresses the weather conditions, especially the requirements for wind power. It is not appropriate to use too large or too small. In general, the spores of sphaerothecium, rust, etc. need a certain wind speed to escape the sprue. The stalks should therefore be selected for wind-driven 3-5-day vehicles to be captured in vehicles that face the wind, rather than weather that is too large or too small, because the wind is too strong, the hulls are evacuated too quickly, and the amount of catch is also high. Decreased.
4. It should be specifically stated that the vehicle-borne spore trap is particularly suitable for collecting powdery mildew spores, because the spores of the powdery mildew affect the viability of the spores, and the spores captured by the vehicle-borne spore traps directly fall into the senses. Diseased species on the leaves, so the viability of the spores is not affected.

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