Xq0365 Double Hot Melt Toe Puff Laminating Machine

  • Model NO.: Xq0365
  • Color: as Picture Showed
  • Power: 0.8kw
  • Dimension: 510*660*1630mm
  • Function: Laminating Hot Melt Toe Puff
  • Transport Package: Pacage Used in Exporting
  • Origin: Zhejiang Wenzhou
  • Brand: Sogu
  • Machine: Double Hot Melt Toe Puff Laminating Machine
  • Production: 1800pairs/8hours
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Trademark: SOGU
  • Specification: CE
  • HS Code: 33039609

Name: Xq0365 Double Hot Melt Toe Puff Laminating Machine



1.The machine is mainly used for hot melt toe puff laminating machine.


2.The material of sheeting tip can be pasted with vamp by pre-spraying thermoplastic glue or pre-spraying glue over ordinary material and coating with glue inside, then binding with vamp.


3.This machine adopts pneumatic driving and use upper and lower arc moulds to bind the vamp leather with sheeting tip. The binding shall be done after the inside is coated with glue and will make the vamp firmer after pressing.


4.The time and temperature of pressing can be adjusted upon the requirement of processed materials.


5.Under the lower mould, there is a small pole, which can conduct pressing by upper mould after the sheeting tip is pressed in alignment. This design can ensure accurate location of sheeting tip on vamp.





power voltage

220V/1 PHASE/50Hz





air consumption


net weight




Xq0365 Double Hot Melt Toe Puff Laminating Machine

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