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Home > What's New > How to Remove and Connect Refrigerant Cans to a Car
  • How to Remove and Connect Refrigerant Cans to a Car2009-04-03
  • Refrigerant cans are often used to help recharge the air conditioning compressor on various models of vehicles. Rather than having to pull out and reinstall the compressor as part of the recharging process, it is usually possible to simply attach the can to the compressor, effect the recharge, and then remove the can. There is however, a few basic steps that must be followed in order for this process to be successfully executed.

    Step1   Purchase the proper type of refrigerant can. Different types are made for different models of vehicles, and also contain different amounts of cooling agents. Check on your make and model of vehicle to determine the type of can design that works best with your compressor, as well as the capacity of refrigerant that is right for your compressor. Most auto supply shops will have this information handy.
    Step2   Pop the hood and locate the air conditioner compressor on the vehicle. This is typically found under the hood and will be clearly marked.
    Step3   Notice the location of the high pressure and low pressure sides on the compressor. Do not open the high pressure side. Focus your attention on the low pressure side.
    Step4   Don the safety goggles before beginning the process of attaching the refrigerant can to the air conditioning compressor. Open the coupling on the low pressure side of the compressor, using the wrench. Crank the vehicle and turn on the air conditioner to a high setting. Shake the can of refrigerant and apply the applicator on the can to the open port on the coupling. This should have the can in an upside down position. Allow the can to remain in position until the contents are emptied into the compressor line, usually anywhere from ten to thirty minutes.
    Step5   Check the air flow in the vehicle. The air should be running cold. If so, the refrigerant is now circulating through the compressor and cooling the air output properly.
    Step6   Turn off the air conditioner and the vehicle. Detach the applicator, remove the refrigerant can from the port and reseal the coupling to the low pressure line.

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