Auto repair tricks experts reveal secret auto repair tricks

Automobile maintenance is an industry with high technological content. Most car owners are not very clear about this. Therefore, some non-standard car repair shops use all kinds of “black tricks” to bully passengers and shoddy in the field of vehicle maintenance. The phenomenon has occurred from time to time, and even some garages deliberately create difficult problems to achieve the purpose of making money.

Auto accessories are hard to distinguish

Some counterfeit parts sold in automobile repair shops are mainly parts that are frequently replaced, such as automotive “three-filter” accessories, ie, air filter cartridges, oil filter cartridges, and gasoline filter cartridges, as well as clutches and brake pads. The retail price difference between counterfeit accessories and genuine accessories can reach up to 10 times. Once a fake "three filter" fitting is used, it will cause early wear and tear of the car engine, which in turn will be particularly costly and the car will open up boring. When looking for trouble spots, it is often difficult to think about using counterfeit accessories. At the same time, the price difference between the same parts and factory parts is also great.

"Medical doctor" is a common trick

"No problem is faulty, minor problems are big problems, and 'little ill doctors' are the usual tricks of some repair factories. To sum up, it is a minor repair that can be overhauled, and it can be overhauled for major repairs." Yang Zhongmin said.

Once the owner of the vehicle has driven the car into some non-standard repair shop, even if there are no faulty cars in the face of the business sent to the door, maintenance workers will also blow up the problem. If any car only has a broken gasket, it is often said that the clutch has broken and even threatens the owner: Failure to change will affect safety. A small fault that could have been repaired for only a few tens of dollars could cost the owner a few hundred dollars. Some owners reported that the lights of new cars that had been exposed for two months had been broken, but they had been told that there were malfunctions in the circuit of the vehicle, so they came to a “systemic inspection” and the final account was collected. Nearly 2,000 yuan in astronomical working hours.

Some repair shops use car owners, especially female car owners, who mostly don't understand the weaknesses of maintenance, and they make up their minds to make money. Therefore, in the case of a "systemic inspection," the owner may wish to ask a few more shops and shop around forever.

"Gaoyanggong" became a way to make money

Auto repair mechanics often calculate income according to the time worked, so some auto repairers do everything possible to increase the number of hours worked. A car is only a minor problem, one or two working hours can be repaired, black heart repair point will find ways to find some problems from the car, and some even intentionally put some places broken, and then tell the owner here to repair, There is to make up there. After getting the consent of the owner, he was lying under the car and debugging. There was a “busy work”. Several working hours passed.

"Look at people to repair cars"

The roadside maintenance shop will observe the situation and look for people to repair the car. If it is found that the owner does not understand the parts of the car, it will be "Large opening" and minor problems will be exaggerated. Many owners, especially the novices, are often caught. Not long ago, a foreign owner discovered that the car's water tank had been opened and the car was driven to the roadside auto repair shop. After inspection by the maintenance personnel, the water tank was damaged and replaced. The owner spent 300 yuan for the water tank. In fact, the problem with the water tank was that the fan was stuck and could be repaired with a single hand. However, the owner of the water tank was still “got” by the auto repair shop for 300 yuan.

In addition, it is always complained by the owners that they only need to change or not repair, and many repairmen in garages should be called “changeover workers”.

Stealing cuts, plus no students

It is also common to cut corners in maintenance. In order to paint automobiles, for example, according to the formal work flow, it is necessary to divide it into more than a dozen steps of sanding, cleaning, rust removal, priming, lacquering, and formal painting, among which formal paintings are performed several times. After the paint is baked into the paint booth, the entire service project is completed. However, in some auto repair shops, there is often no primer, and spray painting is only performed once.

Sometimes, they do not use qualified car paint. The sprayed car has “pickled off” in a short time.

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