Buy a pickup light map is not cheap

The first thing to consider when buying a pickup is its price. Looking at the domestic market, the price range of pickup products ranges from 50,000 to 200,000, and the high, medium, and low grades are all available, providing consumers with a considerable choice of space. . A lot of pickup truck owners said that the most concerned about the price of a pickup truck is when purchasing a car. The first reason is that it is not necessary to buy a pickup truck as a tool and it is not necessary to buy a pickup truck. The second is to think that the pickup truck has a short expiration date. It is better to buy a cheaper one. Under this concept of buying cars, many people have bought pickup trucks with unusually low prices. What they never expected was that such a "quiet and inexpensive" pickup truck will bring endless troubles to them.

You get what you pay for

The body floats, the direction of deviation, the engine abnormal sound, the brakes are not to force ... ... big problems are not small problems constantly, I believe this is a lot of pickup truck owners experience, pickup is not skinny, full of conditions not only for our car seat belts The hidden danger will also delay the speed of our money. As the saying goes, one penny is a point, you can't just look at the price when you buy a car. After all, the cost of a car is limited. If you think about it, then the cheaper pickups are naturally not good for workmanship and materials. Wherever you go, the money you save when you buy a car may not be enough. If you want to repair your car in the future, it seems that you will have a good share of the money.

The vehicle is out of order and maintenance does not work

In many cases, our purchase of a car is just a beginning. In the next few years or even more than ten years, the owner will have to deal with the maintenance service of this brand. The attitude of the maintenance staff is good, and how is the technology really important? It does not mean that cheap pickups do not have good services, but they are only probabilistically low. A maintenance site is costly, and manufacturers have to minimize the number of sites in order to control costs. This is a compromise that manufacturers have to make in order to survive. For consumers, it is difficult to have any good after-sales service experience.

It is a pity that food is tasteless

The quality of a car, but often gives you a messy pickup is like a tasteless pity the chicken ribs, continue to use it, it is not easy to use, in the end even looked at it upset, want to sell it to change again One, but found that simply can not sell the price, seeing the new car just arrived soon will be picked up in your hands, you say no trouble. A pick-up truck owner used to describe his pick-up truck - it was all loud except for the sound of the horn, and the repair money was not spent, but it couldn't keep up with its bad speed. I really regretted the death. I knew so much already. Concerned about things, it might as well add some money to buy a better pickup.

In fact, it is a psychological tendency that everyone will have, but it is not cheap to buy things. It tends to make us lose money in the following days. A good pickup is the right-hand man on the road to getting rich. The reliable and durable pickup truck can gain people's trust. In the election of a car, it is really not a bad thing.

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