Caterpillar Machine Bucket 1m3 Wheel Loader Sem618d for Brazil

Model NO.: SEM618D
Type: Small Loader
Operating Weight: 5938kg
Overall Dimensions: 5901*2000*2880mm
Engine: Yt4a4zu22
Rated Power: 62.5kw
Tires: 16/70-20
Gears: F2/R2
Wheelbase: 2200mm
Turning Radius Over Bucket: 4905mm
Displacement: 4.7L
Rated Speed: 2200r/Min
Trademark: Caterpillar SEM
Transport Package: Seaworthy Packing in Container, Flat Rack, Bulk Sh
Specification: 40′ container
Origin: China
HS Code: 8429510000
Caterpillar Machine Bucket 1m3 Loader SEM618D 
Caterpillar Machine Bucket 1m3 Wheel Loader Sem618d for Brazil

* Reliability and Durability: Mature Countershaft transmission system, long-time verified machine    frame and dramatically extended life of structural components

* High Efficiency: Strong breakout and traction force ensure high working efficiency

* Cost and Fuel Saving: Optimized low-speed engine helps save fuel and increase efficiency

* Comfortable Operation: easy operation, convenient steering and low noise

6 TON Wheel Loader SEM618D  for Brazil Main Specifications
Rated load capacity (Kg) 1800
Operating weight (Kg) 5938
Bucket capacities (M3) 1
Overall Dimensions L*W*H (mm) 5901×2000×2880
Wheelbase (mm) 2200
Turning radius over bucket (mm) 4905
Rated Power (KW) 62.5
Model YT4A4ZU22
Displacement   (L) 4.7
Rated speed  (r/min) 2200
Operating Specifications
Max. Traction force  (kN) 56
Max. Breakout Force  (kN) 63
Hydraulic system
System Pressure setting (Mpa) 17
Hydraulic cycle times (s) 7.8
Boom Raising time  (s) 4.3
Main drive type Spiral bevel gear, single stage
Final drive reduction type Planetary type,single stage
Swing angle  ( °) 12
Brake system
Parking brake Drum-type shoe brake,spring applied & air released
Steering system
System pressure setting (Mpa) 14
Steering angle  (°) 35
Transmission gears F2 / R2
Toque converter type Single stage 3 elements centripetal type
Manufacturer and model ZL15
Forward I  (km/hr ) 9.4
Forward II (km/hr ) 23.8
Forward III (km/hr )  
Forward IV (km/hr )  
Size 16/70-20
Type Low - pressure,wide-base and bias ply
Layers 14
Textured type L3

Caterpillar Machine Bucket 1m3 Wheel Loader Sem618d for Brazil
5 ton Wheel Loader SEM616B Main Specifications
Rated Load Capacity  1,600 kg
Operating Weight  5,360 kg
Bucket Capacities 0.9 m³
Overall Dimensions L*W*H 5389x1980x2795 mm
Model YTO YT4A2
Rated Gross Power  55 kW/74 hp
Peak Torque  258 Nm
Operating Specifications
Max.Rimpull 49 kN
Breakout Force  48 kN
Breakout Force  48 kN
Hydraulic System Pressure Setting  16 MPa
Hydraulic Cycle Times 7.6 s
Steering System
Steering Angle Left/Right  36º±1º
Minimum Turing Radius Over Rear Tire 4,130 mm
Minimum Turing Radius Over Bucket  4,822 mm
Transmission Beilian
Type Countershaft Powershift
Gears F2/R2
Brand Beilian
Front Fixed with Calipers
Brake System
Service Brake Dry & Caliper, Air-to-Oil Control
Parking Brake Drum-Type Shoe Brake,Spring Applied &Air Released
Size 16/70-20
Type Bias
Load 3 ton Model SEM636B
Bucket Capacity 1.5-2.5 m3
Rated Load Capacity 3000 kg
Operating Weight 9900 kg
Max. Drawbar Pull  98 kN
Max. Breakout Force 118 kN
Max. Gradeability 28°
Min. Turning Radius (Outside of Bucket) 5929 mm
Min. Turning Radius (Outer Tire) 5018 mm
Cycle Time 9.3 s (Bucket lifting, tipping and lowering)
Dump Height 3046 mm
Dump Reach 1063 mm
Wheelbase 2740 mm
Standard Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 7120×2440×3137
Model Deutz WP6G125E22 National Stage II emission standards
Type In-line, vertical, water cooling, 4-stroke
Rated Power  92 kW
Max. Torque 520 Nm
Torque Converter YJ320B
Drive System
Type Single stage, 3 elements, centripetal type
Transmission Type Fixed axle, constant engaged power shift
Speed Gears 4 forward, 2 reverse gears
Max. Speed 37.7 km/hr
Front/Rear Drive Axle 4WD, fixed front axle, swing rear axle(±12°)
Steering System
Type Articulated frame, full hydraulic steering
Steering Angle (left/right) 38°±1
Hydraulic System  
Hydraulic System Pressure 18 MPa
Operation Mode Mechanical control
Brake System
Service Brake Single circuit, air-over-oil 4-wheel caliper disc brake
Parking & Emergency Brake Pneumatic internal expanding shoe brake
Size  17.5-25
Fuel Tank 168 L
Hydraulic System  112 L
Optional Devices
Xichai 6110  CA6DF1D National Stage II emission standards
Coal bucket and long reach arm
Sand bucket
Rock bucket
Air conditioner
Quick coupler and tools
Caterpillar Machine Bucket 1m3 Wheel Loader Sem618d for Brazil
Bulldozer SEM816FR Main Specifications
Operating weight (Kg) 17230
Ground pressure (kPa) 68
Ground clearance  (mm) 410
Max.slope (°) 30
Model Weichai WD10G 178E25
Flywheel power 131KW/175hp
Hydraulic system
Implement hydraulic system pressure(Mpa) 19
Type Pilot control
Working tool
Blade type SU
Blade capacity   (m3) 4.3 (3.4)
Blade width(mm) 3140 (3490)
Blade height (mm) 1240 (1165)
Max.blade digging depth (mm) 430
Max.blade lift ground clearance (mm) 1041
Max.output rimpull (kN) 280
Max.digging depth of ripper (mm) 584
Max.clearance under tip (mm) 615
Power train
Type Electronic control.dual-path,hydrostatic drive
Travel speed-F/R (km/hr) 0-10km/hr (infi nitely variable speed control)
Steering & brake Hydrostatic steering,wet,multiple-disc brakes
Min. Steering radius 3610mm (counter - rotated available)
Service refill II capacities
Cooling system  (L) 45
Hydraulic oil  (L) 40
Implement Oil  (L) 60
Fuel  (L) 320
Pivot shaft case (each side) (L) 1.2
Track shoe width  (mm) 510
Track shoe quantity  (pc) 37
Length of track on ground (mm) 2430
Track gauge(mm) 1880
Track roller quantity 6/side
Carrier roller quantity 2/side
Caterpillar Machine Bucket 1m3 Wheel Loader Sem618d for Brazil
Motor Grader SEM919
Operating weight 15070 kg
Overall dimension (L*W*H) 8703*2630*3360 mm
Blade dimension (L*W*H) 3974*25*607 mm
Max. Lifting height 475 mm
Max. cutting depth 715 mm
Max. Drawbar 78 kN
Wheel base 6140 mm
Frame articulation angle 25 o
Engine SDEC SC9DK190.1G3
Rated power 140 kW
Transmission type Hangchi 6WG180
Travel speed (Forward / Reverse) 40 / 25 km/h
Rear Axle/Tandem SEM ST22
Cnc Router With CCD

CCD Cnc Router with Visual system with Camera for Sign Board Cutting, Print image edge cutting, Versio.

1) Cnc Router With Ccd Vision Router System is among the most versatile CNC machining systems you will find on the market. The T-slot bed makes it very easy to place the sheet stock down for cutting and routing, and even setup custom jigs, fixtures and clamps for parts marking applications.
2) It can produce accurate, repeatable, cost-effective work in considerably less time than it takes to do t he same work by hand. Featuring our state-of-the-art Vision Controller and our graphically advanced Vision software, this machine is perfect for a wide variety of applications including milling, drilling, contouring, and routing.

3) Application for Routing out wood signs, Cutout letters, Control panels, Cutting out sheets of material and 3D signs in sign foam, wood and more!

Cnc Router with CCD camera for decoration Camera
The machine comes with a camera to realize the Vision function.
Cnc Router Machine's spindle  High Frequency Powerful spindle
The High quality UTECH R2 series Cnc Router Machine comes standard with 3.5kw high frequency spindle. This precision spindle requires no maintenance. Fully programmable speeds from 6000 to 24000 RPM, more powerful and less noise.
stepper motor Drive Motors
Patent design 1:4 gear reducer install on the driving motor, makes the motor is more powerful, and having a longer time service life.
The stepper motors are installed on all axes to ensure precise positioning of the gantry and the spindle in accordance with a predetermined program at high speed. Stepper motors are well proven high degree of reliability.
The machine is installed 4 pieces of motors.
woodworking cnc router for wood MDF UTECH Patent pressing clamp
The patent design pressing clamp is convenient for the user to assemble and disassemble the material.
plastic cnc cutting machine with CCD camera XYZ ASK Square Guide Rail(German)+Flange slider
Due to the increased stability and rigidity provide high precision movement of the gantryand high-speed drilling spindles in X, Y, Z. achieved high machining accuracy and durability of the machine without loss of accuracy parameters.
KT plate cnc router with visual positioning system Machine handpiece
The spindle is fixed on the high quality aviation aluminum T061/6063 plate, the plate is machined by high precision CNC machining center.
Cnc Router with helical gear XY Helical Rack Gear(Germany)
Unlike gears with straight teeth, oblique engages gradually, not immediately over the entire length. Helical gearing has no zone-pair gearing. In spur gear the load on the teeth is applied instantly. The teeth in helical gears are loaded gradually as you approach them in the area of gear meshing is always at least two pairs of teeth
wood cnc machine TBI High-Precision Ball-screw Transmission (Taiwan)
1. High transmission efficiency.
2. High transmission accuracy, smooth movement, no creep phenomenon. The ball screw drive is basically rolling friction, and the frictional resistance is small. The frictional resistance has almost no relation with the speed of movement.
3. There is no free travel in the reverse direction. After the ball screw and nut are pre-tightened, the axial clearance can be eliminated. In this way, there is no dead zone in the reverse direction, which can improve the axial transmission accuracy and axial stiffness.

plastic cnc router

Cnc Router with CCD

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