How to quickly distinguish between the two different types of Dongfeng 12-ton sprinklers

Sprinklers are common in our daily life. They are mainly used for road cleaning, landscaping, construction of factories and mines, water transport to water-scarce areas, and fire fighting vehicles in emergency situations. The 12-ton sprinkler of Dongfeng 12-ton sprinkler introduced by Xiao Bian today is in fact two types of Dongfeng 12-ton sprinkler , namely Dongfeng 145 sprinkler and Dongfeng 153 sprinkler. Here's how to make it quick and accurate. The distinction between these two different models.


First of all, we can distinguish from the appearance, although there is no big difference between the overall appearance of the two models, but as long as we carefully observe it is still very easy to distinguish. Because the Dongfeng 145 sprinkler tires are used Aeolus 9.00 nylon tires, the front wheel screws are generally 8, the wheelbase is 3950mm and the upper part of the air filter device is an iron round; and Dongfeng 153 sprinkler tires The Aeolus 10.00 Nylon Tire has 10 front wheel screws, a wheelbase of 4500mm and the upper part of the air filter is a plastic square cap.


In terms of performance, we can also quickly distinguish between the power through the comparison, because the Dongfeng 145 sprinkler power is generally between 140 to 170 horsepower, and Dongfeng 153 sprinkler power is generally between 180 to 190 horsepower. Not only that, the actual tonnage of the Dongfeng 145 sprinkler is also lower than that of the Dongfeng 153 sprinkler, and the price is also a little cheaper, so we can easily distinguish the two models of cars by these comparisons.

These are some of the methods described by Xiaobian on how to quickly distinguish between the two different models of the Dongfeng 12-ton sprinkler , hoping to help owners who want to purchase a sprinkler to better choose their own sprinkler.

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