Cancel the agricultural hukou to promote the land transfer market has great potential

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] On September 19th, with the release of Beijing's "Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting the Reform of the Household Registration System", in addition to Tibet, 30 provinces have successively issued documents to cancel agricultural hukou. It is worth noting that the "Opinions on Deepening the Promotion of New Urbanization Construction" promulgated by the Central Committee at the beginning of the year clearly stated that it is not allowed to withdraw from the land contractual management right, the right to use the house site, or the collective income distribution right as the conditions for the farmers to settle in the city.
Cancel the agricultural hukou to promote the land transfer market has great potential

Correspondingly, many provinces have begun to study the rural property rights transfer trading market and promote the open, fair and standardized operation of rural property rights trading. Therefore, the reform of the household registration system is regarded as another major exploration and promotion of deepening the reform of the rural land system. With the continuous deepening of the household registration system reform, the land transfer market will also usher in two major benefits. At the same time, the land transfer platform represented by the soil flow network has also begun to accelerate the innovation and improvement of the market layout and land transfer mode.
Household registration system reform helps land transfer
Following the "separation of powers", the land transfer has ushered in the huge thrust of the reform of the household registration system.
Since 2014, “Agricultural Modernization” has been written into the title of the No. 1 Document of the Central Government for three consecutive years. The far-reaching meaning of modern agriculture and the urgency of reform are coming to the fore. The urgent situation of China’s agricultural millennium has to be solved and the agricultural modernization is accelerated. The process is undoubtedly a "good way" to fundamentally enhance competitiveness.
The land transfer is the basic work of building modern agriculture. Only through the formation of intensive management through circulation can modern management and planting of agriculture be realized. To some extent, there is no modern agriculture without land transfer. This is also the significance of General Secretary Xi Jinping and his leadership of the central comprehensive deepening reform leading group to continuously deepen the "three powers separation" of rural land. Promoting land transfer is fundamentally promoting the modernization of agriculture.
The reform of the household registration system has also been re-directed in terms of land security. In the past, there were a certain number of “blue-skin hukou” in some rural areas, which led to the inability to confirm the land and the smooth entry into the circulation channel. The reform of the household registration system has eliminated the dual household registration, implemented the peasant land ownership, and made the land confirmation right a typical beneficiary of the household registration system reform.
On the other hand, the reform of the household registration system also fundamentally liberates more rural labor. After the household registration is unified, the “peasants” in the traditional sense will be eliminated, and the rural surplus labor will be completely liberated, which will provide a large-scale “industrialized farm” with labor with agricultural production experience, thus realizing the rational flow of labor across regions. Land use efficiency and optimization of the allocation of agricultural production materials.
Land transfer market has great potential
The huge dividends of agriculture after the transition from “distribution” to “concentration” have been tapped by the sharp sense of business savvy: Lenovo has entered the aquaculture and aquaculture industry; Netease Ding Lei has set up a high-profile pig farm; Jingdong Daxie Liu Qiangdong has grown into a rice plant. The "Orange Orange" planted by the Hun Shi Jian Bao Shan was not only named as "Inspirational Orange", but also worth several times.
While the intensive transformation of agriculture has brought huge wealth, it has also given more opportunities and challenges to the land transfer market. Relevant statistics show that one third of the country's land has been transferred, and the annual new land transfer area is more than 40 million mu. In the estimation of the organization, the current land transferable in rural China is about 100 trillion yuan. The rural land transfer market with huge potential and diversified supply and demand brings unlimited potential development opportunities to the land transfer industry.
As one of the early land transfer information websites in the industry, the soil network not only captured the wind direction of the land transfer market very early, but also explored an effective development path for the land transfer industry.
The soil flow network creatively breaks the time and geographical restrictions, and creates the “Internet +” land transfer model, which can provide online and offline information release, property rights transactions, legal consultation, asset evaluation, mortgage financing and other online and offline services to achieve O2O closed loop. A major breakthrough.
At present, the “Internet +” land transfer model pioneered by the soil network has already obtained more than 20 including Gongzhuling City of Jilin Province, Qitai County of Changji Prefecture of Xinjiang, Fuyang of Anhui Province, Hanshou County of Hunan Province, and Lingling District of Yongzhou City of Hunan Province. The government authorities recognized and established a strategic partnership.
Undoubtedly, industrial scale has become an important driving factor for the acceleration of agricultural transformation. As the basis for the scale of agricultural industry, land circulation has laid a solid foundation for market, policy and concept penetration. In the future, with the gradual deepening of various policies As well as the maturity of the land transfer model, the land transfer will enter the high-speed growth period, and the land transfer will become an area of ​​concern for investors because of its huge potential.
(Original title: The reform of the household registration system has ushered in two major benefits)

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