Main organizational measures and economic means of mine ecological environmental protection

1. Organizational measures
Mainly to establish a management agency and monitoring system for environmental protection. At present, the setting of mine environmental protection agencies in China is determined according to the degree of environmental pollution and the size of the enterprise in the construction and production process of the mine. In general, large-scale mines are set up in environmental protection departments, and small or medium-sized mines are established in sections or groups. Environmental protection personnel in mining enterprises mainly include: mine environmental protection scientific research personnel, environmental monitoring personnel, sewage treatment personnel, dust-proof personnel of mining enterprises, protection equipment maintenance personnel, mining area greening personnel, reclaiming field personnel. The mine safety organization related to environmental protection is relatively complete and has been set up for a long time.
2. Economic means The investment of mining enterprises in environmental protection is part of the total investment in mine infrastructure. According to the current production situation of mining enterprises, the investment in environmental protection projects mainly includes the following aspects: three waste treatment facilities, dust removal facilities, sewage treatment facilities, noise prevention facilities, greening, radioactive protection, environmental monitoring facilities, and reclamation. Sources of investment, to the following areas: new and renovation and expansion project of engineering infrastructure investment; authorities and enterprise self-financing; sewage rebates that environmental subsidies. The amount of investment in environmental protection projects depends on the conditions and requirements of mine construction. The sources of funding for environmental protection and governance are also directly related to the management and economic benefits of the enterprise.
3. The policy measures for the source of environmental protection funds are to protect the environment and control pollution. The State Council and relevant departments have formulated the Interim Measures for the Paid Use of Special Funds for Pollution Source Control and the “Three Wastes” for the Management of Industrial and Mining Enterprises. Administrative regulations and departmental rules such as the "Forcing of Knowing" and "Notice on the Regulations on Environmental Protection Funds" ensure that environmental protection and governance funds have an important source. Some provinces, cities and districts also developed the corresponding regulations, which the Fujian Province in 1990 promulgated the "Fujian Provincial Economic Commission, Department of Finance, Environmental Protection Agency, Coal Industry Corporation on the good ecological environment protection fee coal collection, use and The Notice of Management Work is a regulation directly related to the economic policy of mine environmental protection, and its relevant regulations are worth learning.

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