What basic knowledge should I master to improve rock drilling skills?

To improve rock drilling skills, you should have the following basic knowledge:

First, it is necessary to understand the various rock properties encountered during rock drilling, the rock solidification grading coefficient, the degree of joint fracture development and groundwater conditions, so that they can be treated differently during rock drilling;

Second, must be familiar with rock drilling blasting charts and their specific requirements, such as roadway specifications, shape, hole position, angle, spacing, hole depth, etc., and can determine the order of rock drilling sequence;

Third, must be familiar with the working principle and performance of the rock drill used and will be repaired in time;

Fourth, we must master the mid-line and waistline technology of the working surface, and memorize the relevant specific data. At the same time, we must be familiar with the quality acceptance criteria and specific data of various types of wells and lanes in the Code for Construction Quality Acceptance of Wells and Lanes.

5. Familiar with mastering the brazing technology (opening technology), and master the method of correcting the angle and direction of the eye at any time;

Sixth, must work with the same working face multi-machine parallel work points and related processes.

Fully Automatic Blister Forming Machine

Fully Automatic Blister Forming Machine applications

1.  Fully automatic blister forming machine is suitable for materials like PVC, PE, PET, PC,PP, HIPS, APET, PETG, PS, and so on .

2. This machine can transform plastic sheets into various plastic holow shells for packaging applications like: Toys, hardware, foods,

    stationery, electronics products, etc.

Advantages of Fully automatic Blister Forming Machine

1. This machine adopts Mitsubishi frequency Motor tap piece, pull tab faster, easier to adjust, and the exact length of the pull tab, reduce material and energy consumption, improve product quality.
2. Independently grouped temperature controlled..
3. The furnace temperature using a digital independent regulator, point by point display, and each control table with separate regulator         system, completely solved due to voltage fluctuations caused by the product quality problems.
4. Digital DIP intelligent regulator monitors, visual stability and achieve the digital management products produced at the same time to           facilitate the process of generation of process monitoring.
5. In the first products of normal production, simply complete record production process parameters during down time after the customer       repeat orders, production parameters recall previously recorded data, you can produce high-quality products, to achieve a shape, reduce unnecessary waste. (Touch-screen machine)
6. Double row needle chain transmission, high-speed operation is stable, flexible width adjustment device, can make the machine more         maximum use of film, improve product quality, reduce material loss. 
7. The machine is equipped with a cooling system and high-speed transport water spray cold water to make it accelerate the forming             speed and forming quality assurance, production twice as fast as conventional machines.

Fully automatic blister forming machine Parameters



Power supply




Forming length


Forming width



220-480 times / hour

thickness of material


Machine size

6800*1480 *2700mm

Machine weight


Fully automatic blister forming machine

Fully Automatic Blister Forming Machine

Fully Automatic Blister Forming Machine,Fully-Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine,Fully Automatic PVC Blister Forming Machine,Fully Automatic Plastic Blister Forming Machine

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