When selecting and using PoE switches, pay attention to a few points

Some projects require the use of PoE switches to power wireless APs, Internet phones, webcams, and other devices. Although this practice is very simple, but it really involves the selection and use, I am afraid it is not so simple, otherwise there will not be so many so-called "unstable" and "no need" and so on.

As the "big brother" of the PoE switch industry, Feng Runda, a provider of transmission products & services, summarized the following points and gave more users knowledge to grow.

There are three things to know when purchasing a PoE switch:

1, Do not map cheap China is a large market for the proliferation of various products, PoE switches are no exception. There are numerous brands of PoE switches on the market, both large and small, and prices and quality vary greatly. Some people who are new to PoE power supply think that if they are PoE switches, it will not matter if they are bad. Therefore, in order to save costs, it is often compared to N-numbers that have the lowest prices.

It's not that cheap is not good, cheap is also good, but after all, it's less. In general, the higher the price of a thing, the hardware, components, accessories, chips used, etc. are all high-quality, guaranteed, very low-priced things, and there are many hidden dangers and deficiencies. For the PoE switch, the price is too low may have many problems in the later use, such as power supply instability, no power supply, after sales can not be carried out and other issues.

2, as far as possible away from non-standard PoE switches, most of them are standard, there are a small number of non-standard. The reason why non-standard ones still exist is because the cost is low, but because some places can use non-standards. However, non-standard PoE switches have security risks, such as burning the connected network devices. When using a non-standard PoE switch, the supply voltage and the voltage of the powered device must be the same. The standard PoE switch is relatively safe and can automatically connect to the connected network devices. Only PoE switches that support PoE power supply will start to supply power to protect the powered devices.

3, choose the appropriate model PoE switch more models, the number of ports 4,8,16,24, port transmission rate of 100M and Gigabit, power supply power 60W, 150W, 250W, 400W, what the number of ports And the port transmission rate, you need to choose the correct. The port transmission rate of a PoE switch is about 40 to 60%. If a network uses 100 Mbps PoE switches theoretically, select a gigabit switch. In addition, such surveillance cameras with infrared lamps must consider the power of infrared lamps.

There are two things to know about using PoE switches:

1. The quality of the top-level network cable is crucial to the success of PoE power supply. Generally, five types of network cables, super five-type network cables, and six types of network cables are generally recommended. The internal material of the cable is also very important. Do not use aluminum wire, copper clad aluminum wire, copper clad wire, iron core wire, etc. Pure copper wire is the best choice. In a word: go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets to purchase regular network cables.

2. Theoretically, the PoE power supply distance is within 100 meters within a distance of 80 meters. However, in view of the market quality of the Internet cable and the influence of the environment, the actual power supply distance should be kept within 80 meters.

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