Active protection network construction technical requirements

During the construction of the SNS active protection network protection, firstly, the construction team is set up and dismantled to clean the slope surface of floating soil and dangerous rocks, and an integral construction platform is set up. Then the anchor construction team constructs the anchor bar from top to bottom, and two rows are to be constructed. After the anchor bolt, the SNS active protection net is used to install the protective net from top to bottom. After the construction of each layer is completed, the construction platform is dismantled by the construction and demolition construction team. The entire slope is constructed in sequence from top to bottom.

General layout principle of construction

(1) Combining the geographic location and construction features of the project, under the premise of meeting normal construction production, safe, rational, economical, clean and civilized layout of production and living sites.

(2) The production operation area is separated from the office and living area, and scientifically laid out to create a good production and living environment.

(3) Occupying as little or no land as possible, minimizing the damage to the ecological environment.

(4) The station satisfies the convenience of the basic traffic, and the production, living, and communication facilities are complete.

Technical safety requirements for A-hole construction 1. Technical requirements 1. Strictly follow the drilling position of the engineer's release line;

2. Before punching, a hole with a depth of not less than the length of the exposed ring of the anchor should be chiseled at the position of the hole. The general diameter is 20cm and the depth is 15cm.

3. The active protection network adopts 1.0m, 2m, and 3m drill pipe constructions. The slope protection network can not use 3m drill pipes at a time, so as to prevent sticking and broken rods.

4. If the drilling site is located in a loose rock formation, engineers or supervisors must be notified to re-determine the location of the drill hole;

5. To ensure that the drilling depth of the active protection network reaches 3.2m and the drilling is completed, the hole cleaning must be performed.

Second, safety requirements 1, construction must be hard hats, seat belts.

2. It is forbidden to work under fatigue after drinking.

3, strictly in accordance with the mechanical operation procedures.

Technical safety requirements for B-filled construction I. Technical requirements 1. The hole must be cleaned before pouring. If there is gravel residue, it must be removed.

2. Check if the hole depth meets the design requirements (2m, 3m).

3, cement mortar in strict accordance with the 1:1 mix ratio of cement, the use of ordinary portland cement No. 425.

4. It requires that the perfusion be dense, and the perfusion be fixed at the edge.

5. Within three days after infusion, the next procedure is strictly prohibited and is not affected by external forces.

Second, the safety requirements 1, before the pull must review the date of injection, whether to reach three days after the solidification period to ensure the mortar strength.

2. Strictly follow the tensile position specified by the supervision engineer.

3. Check if the tensioning device is in good condition.

4. The tensile strength must reach and the overload 2% prevails.

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