·The new high-precision map of NavInfo will be launched at the end of the production car

Recently, Jingwei Han, senior vice president of NavInfo, told Che Yunyu that in the fourth quarter of this year, NavInfo will be able to provide high-precision maps based on ADAS covering the national highways. Currently, the company regards high-precision maps as strategic-level businesses. Jing Muhan said that the company's high-precision map products will appear on the production models of cooperative car companies by the end of this year.
As we all know, the industry usually divides the automatic driving into four stages according to the level of automation: the driving assistance stage, the partial automation stage, the highly automated stage, and the fully automated stage. Among them, driving assistance and partial automation are the automation systems currently being developed and initially installed by car companies, such as lane departure warning systems and automatic emergency braking.
In Jing Muhan's view, the demand for high-precision maps is different at all stages of the level of autopilot automation. “At this stage, even providing high-precision maps that meet the conditions of fully automatic driving is actually wasteful because If the autopilot product is not used, the value will not be exerted." Therefore, in the development of autonomous driving products, NavInfo will advance the ability to output high-precision maps.
According to NavInfo's new product plan: in the third and fourth quarters of 2016, it can provide high-precision maps based on ADAS covering the national highway; at the end of 2017, it can support Level 3 high-precision maps of at least 20 cities; 2019 In the year, on the one hand, the production and collection of high-precision maps of all cities in Level 3 were completed. On the one hand, the production of Level 4 high-precision maps began. Jing Muhan believes that the time node planning is consistent with the demand rhythm of the car factory.
At present, NavInfo has invested 200 collection vehicles and 1,200 employees in the collection and processing of high-precision maps. Because the high-precision map has different data requirements than the traditional map, for example, detailed road slope, curvature, number of lanes, lane type and other data and attributes related to lanes and lane lines are required, so the collection method is also different from the traditional one. Jing Muhan revealed that the difference in this aspect is mainly reflected in the technical application of artificial intelligence.
It is reported that in the cooperation with the car manufacturer, NavInfo can package the content of the navigation, the content based on the ADAS data, the content of the real-time traffic data, etc., and then output it to the manufacturer by means of API or SDK.

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