Determination of nitrogen by soil nutrient tester

The occurrence of nitrogen is an important nutrient for crop growth. Soil nitrogen plays a very important role in soil fertility. Even when nitrogen is used in large quantities, 50% of the crop's nitrogen comes from the soil. The total amount of hormones and various existing forms have a close relationship with crop growth. Analysis of soil total nitrogen and its various forms of nitrogen is the main basis for evaluating soil fertility and formulating reasonable application of nitrogen fertilizer. The nitrogen content in the soil can be accurately measured using a soil nutrient tester to provide effective help for research.

Through the soil nutrient tester's test and analysis, it was found that not only the nitrogen content of the topsoil in different soils is different, but also the profile distribution status is different. The humus layer of black soil is the deepest, which can reach 80-100cm or more, and the humus layer of chestnut soil is generally only 22-44cm. The profile of nitrogen also affects the nitrogen reserves of the profile. The black soil in the natural vegetation soil has the highest nitrogen content and deep humus layer, and the highest nitrogen reserves, followed by dark brown soil, brick red soil, red soil, chernozem, chestnut soil, and ash-calcium soil. Brown desert soil has the lowest nitrogen reserves. In the arable land, except for the northeast black soil region, the soil nitrogen reserves in Taihu Lake area are the highest, and the Huanghuaihai Plain and the Loess Plateau are the lowest.

Inorganic nitrogen includes fixed ammonium, exchangeable ammonium, NO3-, NO2-, and NOx, etc., which account for the lowest percentage of top soil total nitrogen, only about 1%, up to 60%. Organic nitrogen is the main form of soil nitrogen and is the source and sink of exchangeable ammonium and NO3--N. The analysis results of the soil nutrient tester can be summarized. The composition of organic nitrogen is complex. The nitrogen-containing compounds that have been isolated and identified include amino acids, purines, pyrimidines, trace amounts of chlorophyll and its derivatives, and phospholipids. There are many kinds of amines, vitamins, etc.

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