Break the traditional Spider-Man mode and refuse to do Spider-Man in the air

In recent years, the high-altitude operation industry has developed rapidly. As an emerging industry, the aerial work platform has set off an upsurge with characteristics such as safety, stability, high efficiency and practicality, and low cost. In the past, everyone used high-altitude ropes to carry out work. These workers were also awarded the title of "Spiderman," but they flew in walls that were tens of meters high, not cool, but dangerous. Based on cost and security considerations, we have now widely introduced and used aerial work platforms. Since then we have refused to do aerial Spider-Man. It is an unstoppable development process for the high-altitude industry to replace backward tools with safer and more efficient tools.


The difference between aerial work platforms and aerial vehicles

In the fields of construction and dockyards, a large part of them are using high-altitude operations equipment, raising high-altitude operations equipment and have to say about aerial work platforms and aerial work vehicles. Many construction companies are not sure about the aerial work platforms and aerial work platforms. What is the difference? The biggest difference between high-altitude trucks and aerial work platforms is whether there is a car chassis. The aerial working equipment of the aerial working vehicle is associated with the vehicle, and the movement is quick and easy; while the aerial working platform is an independent high-altitude operation device. However, in some specific environments, aerial platforms are more suitable for operation than aerial platforms. For example, some repair work, and mostly outdoor or field operations, poor working environment conditions, unpredictable working environment, especially in the manned aerial work, the use of aerial work platform operations will be more secure.


Aerial Work Platform Win-win Industry Future

First, in recent years, the high-altitude operation platform industry in China has developed rapidly. The high penetration rate of aerial work platform products has led to the deployment of different types of aerial work platform products in high-altitude operations.

Second, the demand for aerial work platforms is mainly met through leasing. A large proportion of the products produced by manufacturers are sold to leasing companies, and leasing companies have become important participants in the aerial work platform market.

Third, the emergence of aerial work platforms has solved the safety problems of high-altitude construction workers, greatly increased the efficiency of high-altitude operations, saved costs, and reduced consumption.

Nowadays, our lives are increasingly inseparable from high-altitude operations. The country’s aerial work platform is still in its infancy and its market potential is huge. Aerial work platforms are high-altitude operations, and the quality of aerial work platforms is the most important. If there is no safety guarantee for aerial work platforms, life cannot be guaranteed.

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