China's Self-Government Organization Holds Seminar on the Implementation of Smart Water Practice Exchange

[China Instrument Network Instrumentation Enterprise] Hangzhou Zhongzi Guoxun Technology Co., Ltd. recently held a workshop on the implementation of smart water practices exchanges in Hangzhou, water companies such as Hangzhou Hi-tech Water, Zhongyuan (Luoyuan) Water, Zhongyu (Ningde) Water, and tap water. Nearly 10 representatives of the company's units, Zheng Taizhong from the general manager, the chairman of the Central Committee of the State Council, Huang Yongzhong, and Zhong Guozi, the general manager of Niu Yingqi, attended the seminar.

At the meeting, Chairman Huang Yongzhong delivered a speech and expressed his warm welcome to the guests. He mentioned that residents of hydroelectricity and other cities, remote transmission of urban energy data, statistical analysis, and data services are in line with the development trend of the times and effectively solved the mid- to high-end needs of users, becoming the promoters of smart cities. In terms of smart water services, Zhongzi has already set up a smart water operation and maintenance service platform and data service center. The smart meter reading system for gas-based Internet of Things has been put on trial in the market, and the water meter smart internet of things system has become one of the key cooperative products of Binjiang Water in Hangzhou. . Huang Zong said that since China's growth and development, it is necessary for all partners to provide support and help to build a great cause together.

The seminar lasted for one day. Zhong Yingqi, General Manager of China National Chung, Niu Yingqi, Xu Lishun, Engineering Manager, and Jiang Zhuangzhuang, R&D Manager, respectively introduced the current state of the products and business of China National Cheng Kung University. Implement experience exchanges.

Guangdong Water's money democracy as an expert representative of smart water management introduced the implementation experiences of the CGY Water Pipeline Loss Analysis System of the Cooperative Development Project of China.

(Original Title: Zhongguo Guolu Successfully Held a Workshop on Experience Sharing in the Implementation of Smart Water Services)

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