[Auto Show Preview] Innovative Technology Leads Dunlop's Tire Shining Shanghai Auto Show

On April 20, 2015, the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Sumitomo Rubber (China) Co., Ltd. will debut with the Dunlop tire brand, the Shanghai Auto Show Chinese and Foreign Parts Hall (6.2H Hall G012 booth), this time in the DUNLOP exhibition area, to show Chinese consumers Dengpu's unique high-tech .

Leading the way in innovative technology Dunlop tires debut at Shanghai Auto Show
Innovative technology leads Dunlop's tires at Shanghai Auto Show

In addition to introducing advanced high-tech technologies, Dunlop will also exhibit new products, including the SP SPORT MAXX 050+ and GRANDTREK PT3 tires, which are on sale in the domestic market.

Three innovative technologies lead Dunlop to showcase tire hi-tech

As a global well-known automotive tire brand, Dunlop has always been known for its excellent technology research and development and innovation in the industry. At the Shanghai Auto Show, Dunlop made its debut with its three innovative technologies - 100% non-petroleum natural resource tires, fuel economy and NEO-T01 processes with 50% reduction in roll resistance, to show consumers that Dunlop has achieved in the field of automotive tires. Excellent innovation achievements.

The first is to create tires that are lower in energy consumption than previous products by significantly reducing the roll resistance. The advantages of this technology are further enhanced by the installation of the equipment in the stand and the game that helps you to learn about fuel consumption for one year.

The second Dunlop has been committed to environmental technology-related measures. In order to protect the environment, all tire manufacturing (constituting members) use raw materials that use 100% non-petroleum natural resource tires. Reducing the use of petroleum resources for tire production, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. This technology will be introduced to Chinese consumers as an important environmental protection measure for tire production.

The third item [NEO-T01 process] is Dunlop's 2012 tire production and production 100 years of research and development achievements. The birth of this technology has fundamentally refreshed the tire's production process, and created an increase in tire quality. At the same time, there will be a display of run-flat tyres produced from this technology.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, ENASAVE 100, the world's first tire manufactured using non-oil natural resources, and ENASAVE NEXT, a green tire that significantly reduces rolling resistance, are all high-tech innovations. The SP SPORT MAXX 050 NEO run-flat tires, which were manufactured using the latest tire manufacturing method [NEO-T01] manufacturing technology, demonstrate Dunlop tires' “strong, safe, safe” product quality. The three innovative technologies will be exhibited at the Dunlop booth.

High-tech sports booth tire technology vivid image

Dunlop's booth has a novel design, extensive use of high-tech design elements, ingenuity to create a tire kingdom, brought a different visual impact and experience for the audience.

The exhibition booths set up different exhibition areas, showing the unique advanced technologies of Dunlop tyres, and the technical history walls on both sides of the exhibition area. The panoramic reproduction of the Dunlop brand's technical development achievements since its inception. The three major innovative tires exhibited at this year's auto show, as well as the SP SPORT MAXX050+ and GRANDTREK PT3 tires newly launched in April of this year, have special exhibition areas.

In addition to the text description and video presentation on the display board, the Dunlop booth is also equipped with a 3D hologram display area where devices can be experienced, as well as an interactive experience area through WeChat scan QR code, and experience the technical characteristics of Dunlop tires through the game, and have a better chance of winning. Take lucky gifts. Learn about tire high-tech, entertainment, and fun.

Dunlop, as a brand of “100-year-old” automobile tires, entered the Chinese market for 11 years and achieved a rapid growth in production. It formed a range of products including passenger cars, 4X4 off-road tire products, truck and bus tire products, commercial vehicles, and original accessory products and winter tire products. Product camp. In the future, Dunlop will continue to increase its investment in the Chinese market, strive to develop new products based on customer demand, continuously enrich and improve the product line, and provide consumers with world-class quality tire products.

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