Hubei Cheng Li teaches you how to choose Dongfeng sprinklers to use lubricants

With the decrease of Suizhou temperature, ordinary lubricating oils will become thicker and less fluid at low temperatures, making the vehicle less easy to start and wear. Therefore, owners of ordinary lubricants must not forget to change their oil.

General lubricants are preferred

Lubricants should be selected according to the requirements of the Dongfeng sprinkler engine. It is not possible to use too-high-grade engine oil on less demanding engines, or use lower-grade engine oils on more demanding engines. The choice of lubricating oil can be increased by one level on the basis of manufacturer's recommendation, or the performance of synthetic oil can be better.

In addition, there are Dongfeng sprinklers on the market today. Universal oil can maintain a stable lubrication performance regardless of temperature changes, and plays a better protective role for the engine. Therefore, this oil is the best choice.

If the Dongfeng sprinkler engine is new or in good condition, use less viscous engine oils such as 0W-40, 5W-40 and 10W-40 as much as possible to make the lubricant flow faster and reduce startup time. Wear. If it is in the hot season or the engine has been worn to a certain extent, it is necessary to use high viscosity oil, such as 15W-50, which is conducive to the formation of a thick film, maintain the oil pressure, and reduce oil consumption.

No additives in lubricants

It is generally not advisable to add additives to the Dongfeng sprinkler lubricants because the components of the Dongfeng sprinkler lubricants themselves are composed of base oils and additives, and their formulations have been tested and screened. The addition of additives may be counterproductive, which not only reduces the original cleansing and antiwear properties of the lubricating oil, but also increases the sludge and carbon deposition, which affects the performance and service life of the engine.

Professionals reminded that when replacing the Dongfeng sprinkler lubricants, the Dongfeng sprinkler lubricant filter generally need to be replaced, so as to make the new replacement lubricants perform better. The lubricant products of different brands cannot be mixed.

There are tricks to identify good and bad

At present, there are many fake fish heads on the market, many Dongfeng sprinklers can not identify the quality of lubricants, and now teach you a few tips. The first thing to observe. If the oil is clear and yellow-brown, the quality is better; if the color is cloudy or emulsified, it means that there is more water; if the oil has a burning odor, it indicates that it is oxidized prematurely or mixed with other oils. The second is to see if there are sediments, sediments are not good oil. Third, the oil can be dropped on the iron plate or exhaust pipe above 110°C. If there is a popping sound, it means that the oil contains water.

In fact, the safest way is to go to a designated dealer, a big brand gas station or a repair shop to buy or change oil.

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