In the first half of 2013, Shangchai's new engine market performed well

2013, Shanghai Diesel Engine Company Limited truck sales, passenger car sales market to actively promote sales of new products, and achieved good results, the user fully affirmed the strength in Diesel Engine technology field.

In early July, the first E-series 12-liter engine of Shangchai Company was used to support the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau market. This is the first time that Shangchai's heavy-duty truck has entered the northwest region with its new engine. This engine is a domestic first-class heavy truck engine that combines more than 60 engines according to user's habits and needs. The product has strong and reliable, economical and durable, high altitude power is not lost and so on. According to a coal mine team in Qinghai, after comparing the products, the Shangchai E-series engine worked well under the harsh environment of an altitude of 3,300 to 4,600 meters and a 185 meter deep pit, which brought great economic benefits to the team. The person in charge of the mine said that he would also buy a diesel engine.

In addition, 100 H series natural gas engines from Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. have been delivered to Shenyang Bus for use. This is the first time that Shangchai’s passenger cars use natural gas to enter the northeast region. The H series natural gas engine is a medium-sized engine fuel powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). It has the advantages of high reliability, power, low energy consumption, small size, low noise, and strong adaptability. Emissions can reach the five national standards. The market launch of H-series natural gas engines further enriched the spectrum of Shangchai's natural gas products, demonstrating the company's leading strength in energy conservation and environmental protection. The Shenyang Bus Company has compared the products of multiple parties. After strict vehicle certification, the company selected the H series diesel engine products. The person in charge of the bus company highly evaluated the preliminary supporting work that the company implemented in the passenger car market, and looked forward to establishing long-term close cooperation with Shanghai Diesel. .

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