The safety of the sprinkler's tire is very important

At present, the tires in the special-purpose vehicle accessories market are rich in variety and have their own characteristics. As users of sanitation vehicles such as sprinklers, it is normal to change tires because of the high work intensity. How to choose tires?

Cheng Li sprinkler truck recommends that users should not have illusion in consumption. The more expensive it is, the better. It should be based on different models, equipped with different types of tires, suitable is the best, not more expensive. Be applicable.

When choosing a sprinkler truck tire, pay attention to the following: When the twin tires are installed on the same shaft, they must not be mixed. The large diameter of the tire and the small diameter of the old tire will result in serious overload of the new tire, underload of the old tire, and uneven wear of the old and new tires.

When twin tires are installed on the same shaft, they cannot be loaded with tires of different specifications. The diameters of tires of different specifications are also different. Large diameter overloads and underloading of small diameters can also cause uneven wear of tires.

The same pattern of tires must be installed on the same axis, otherwise there will be different adhesion of the tire on both sides of the same axis, because the bias of the braking force on both sides of the tire is too large, it is prone to brake deviation.

Cheng Li sprinkler users: Only properly install the sprinkler tires to work easily and drive safely!

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