LED industry competition is heating up two or three years later or the trend is set

Looking back at 2013, the LED industry has just emerged from the bottom of the valley. The big manufacturers are eclipsing the enemy when they are mad. The manufacturers with the same strength shake hands and talk, or further join forces to resist the enemy. There are also many manufacturers who have lost their strengths and exit the market in this industry. The knockout of the survival of the fittest is expected to continue in 2014. Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, does not swear that the LED industry wafers and packaging will continue to be reshuffled. This consolidation will be determined in 2015-2016.
The vertical integration and horizontal division of labor respectively express the incorporation of Ronda into the power alliance. The LED industry in the future will be the vertical integration camp or the horizontal division of labor will dominate the market. It is an issue that the industry has been arguing in recent years. Taiwan's one-stop factory, Lunda, continued to consolidate its vertical integration strength. It was on February 1, 2013, which merged into the downstream LED packaging application plant, Power Alliance, to complete the manufacturing layout from the upstream wafer to the downstream application end.
The first time the Luchang factory closed down the tide, the road was constantly on the stage and it was about to bid farewell to 2013. Those who ran the road door seemed to be far away. The lighting factory Zhongshan Guzheng Xiongji first broke the road in July and surprised the market. What's more, Xiong Ji is one of the few companies in this 10,000-dollar company with a sales volume of over 100 million yuan. Then, the news that Shenzhen Yiguang boss also ran away, the chain of funds, the technology and competitiveness of products, and the pressure of price reduction were the reasons for the continuous running of the road.
Rich dad doesn't support Qi Li Jingfa to go out of business in July 2013. It seems that everyone is approximating, the land-based manufacturers have successively sent out the news of closure, and Taiwan's LED chip factory Keli Optoelectronics also broke the news in the same month. To the surprise of the market, the major shareholders of Keli Optoelectronics created the Chimei Industrial Group as a panel manufacturer. Although it was in the early days of its establishment, its evaluation in the Chinese market was not bad, leaving a large debt to be closed. Coincidentally, the investment in crystal lighting also ended in August.
Engagement dragged on for nearly a year, Ancan love finally made a positive result. China's largest LED chip factory, Sanan Optoelectronics, shares in Taiwan's LED chip factory. After nearly one year of delay, it was finally completed in the second half of 2013. However, in order to eliminate the market Concerns and whispers, the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs proposed in the project review meeting that no relevant patents should be required to be transferred, no talents should be dug, no right to intervene to obtain management rights, and no three conditions for technology transfer should be required as a condition for agreeing to release Ancan Love.
LED lighting vibration wing crystal power alliance layout accelerated Taiwan LED chip factory Jingdian in July 2013 to join hands with traditional light source factory Hangzhou Yuzhong Gaohong lighting appliances, set up Jingyang Lighting, and will add new LED production line, China traditional light source factory into LED light source step-by-step acceleration is a major kinetic energy for LED lighting applications this year. The cooperation between Jingdian and Yuzhong Gaohong directly expands the vents of crystal wafers. Jingyang Lighting is expected to mass-produce the first batch of LED lighting at the end of the year. product.
Looking for a partner across the sea, Sanan Yiguang will acquire European and American factories. In 2013, LED manufacturers on both sides of the strait will also extend their reach to European and American manufacturers. On June 5, Sanan Optoelectronics announced that Taiwan LED packaging factory Yiguang has acquired for US$22 million. US lumens LuminusDevices 100% stake, it is reported that LuminusDevices has 151 patent bases in the world; Taiwan LED packaging factory expansion has not stopped, also in June to buy German lighting factory WOFI, in-depth layout of the German channel market.
NVC Wu Changjiang returns to the board of directors and cooperates with Dehao. The progress of NVC and Wu Changjiang has returned to the board of directors in the first half of 2013. On June 4, NVC Lighting announced that it will be elected. Wu Changjiang and Wang Dongming are executive directors. This appointment will be reviewed and approved by the shareholders meeting. The NVC lighting guilt is also coming to an end. The cooperation between NVC and Dehao Runda has further developed in the second half of the year. On August 30, the two announced the joint venture packaging plant.
Traditional lighting factory accelerates to enter LED China Power to acquire Qi Yao China Electric has started as a traditional light bulb manufacturing industry, and has become the leader of Taiwan's lighting industry with the East Asian lighting brand. In recent years, it has also actively entered the LED lighting market, in Taiwan's LED vertical integration factory Ronda. After being merged into Power Alliance, CLP has become the largest legal person shareholder of Ronda, and this time it has once again acquired the LED packaging factory of the Group, which shows that the traditional light bulb factory is more active in cutting LEDs.

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