JAC Wrecker Structure

JAC Wrecker Structure

First, the main structure and working principle:
           JAC JAC light truck wrecker series is based on two types of chassis as a platform derived refitted, has a lift, traction, dragged back and other functions, fully capable for general road rescue vehicles and the implementation of special automobile distribution. The outline of the vehicle is as follows:
1 、Power take-off device
       The force-taking device consists of a power take-off device, an oil pump, and operation buttons. The power take-off device is connected with the automotive gearbox and drives the oil pump to generate high pressure oil for the working conditions of each working part.
2 、Subframe
       The sub-frame is a box-like structure, low alloy steel plate of high strength to be welded. The front plate is provided on the telescopic cylinders a bracket on the beam lifting cylinder, put the carriage arm lift cylinder holder, the guide boom lift stopper plate by means of two hydraulic lifting cylinder, a rotary shaft and a bearing plate and Chassis connection, with good rigidity and strength, is an important force component.
3 , tablet
      Plate consists of two parts consisting of the front and rear plates, the plates are connected by a sliding plate between the side frame and the sub frame rails together, two flat plates connected together by rotation pin assembly securely connected, the relative motion and flexible; flat bottom plate using the pattern The bottom plate can effectively prevent the towed vehicle from slipping on it.
4 , winch mechanism
      The hoisting mechanism consists of a hoisting machine, a hydraulic motor, a wire rope, and a hook. The hydraulic motor drives the hoist to make the wire rope roll up or pull out.
5 , the luffing arm
      Luffing arm welded steel structure, even the lift cylinder bracket arm bracket and the holding arm lift cylinder, the telescopic hydraulic cylinder, and even telescopic arms. The prop arm lifter can extend and extend the luffing arm and change its working range. The expansion and contraction of the telescopic cylinder can extend or shorten the telescopic arm, adjust the distance between the fork and the towed vehicle tire, and lock the bracket and the tire. Support driving.
6 , fork
     The fork is composed of a rotating arm, a telescopic arm of a supporting arm, a supporting beam of an adjusting arm, an adjusting arm, etc., wherein the relative sliding between the rotating arm and the telescopic arm of the supporting arm is manual, convenient and flexible, and the adjusting arm can be adjusted through relative sliding of the supporting arm. the positional relationship between the lateral support beams, the support arm adjustment arm is adjusted relative movement between the beams is also manually, by a relative movement therebetween, can adjust the vertical positional relationship between the tire and the actuating arm.
7 , Toolbox
      The toolbox is an all-metal structure that houses various operating tools and accessories
8 , hydraulic system
      The hydraulic system by the hydraulic pump, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, reversing multiple valves, hydraulic lines and hydraulic oil tank and other components.
       The power take-off drive hydraulic pump draws low-pressure oil from the tank, pumps out high-pressure oil, and manipulates the handles of the reversing valve to realize various working conditions such as winding, luffing, lifting, platform sliding, and platform tilting. A relief valve is attached to the reversing valve to protect the hydraulic system from overloading. Wherein the platform lift cylinder and lift cylinder of the holding arm are connected with the lower end of balancing, can effectively prevent a shock in the hydraulic cylinder during the downward movement, play Paul pressure.
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