Safe, economical and efficient on the Philippine Red Cursor9 natural gas engine unveiled at the 2019 Zhibo Fair

With the development of science and technology, the world is experiencing a new round of industrial revolution, and the development of China's smart industry is in full swing, becoming an important factor in promoting economic development and improving people's lives. Therefore, the smart industry is also receiving attention from all walks of life.

As an industry event, 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo (referred to as 2019 Zhibo Fair) was held at the Chongqing International Expo Center from August 26th to 29th. SAIC Fiat Hongyan Powertrain Co., Ltd. (SFH) brought the Cursor9 natural gas engine to the show. The expo, showing its outstanding core technology.

2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo

The 2019 Zhibo Fair was co-sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal People's Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the China Association for Science and Technology, with the theme of “Intelligence: Empowering the Economy, Adding Colour to Life”. "," "Exhibition", "赛", "On" four series of activities to carry out a series of activities.

The conference set up six exhibition areas including intelligent technology and products, intelligent application, regional innovation and intelligent life interactive experience zone. SAIC Fiat Hongyan Powertrain Co., Ltd. (SFH) (hereinafter referred to as “Shangfeihong”) and Ferrari, Maserati, Italian companies such as the Leonardo Helicopter were exhibited together at the Italian Pavilion.

As a member of the Zhibo Fair, Shangfeihong actively responded to the theme of the conference and fully demonstrated the spirit of “smart transportation” to provide users with a safe, economical, efficient and environmentally friendly engine, the Cursor 9 natural gas engine.

Shangfeihong Cursor9 natural gas engine Shangfeihong Cursor9 natural gas engine

The Cursor 9 natural gas engine uses a three-way catalytic process to redelate 95% of harmful gases into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Compared to the same displacement diesel engine, it reduces 99% PM particles and 31% NOx gas. , the overall reduction of environmental pollution.

At the same time, the Cursor 9 natural gas engine has a maximum power of 380Hp and a torque of 1700N.m. The structural design is made of corrosion-resistant high-nickel cast iron and equipped with a water-cooled turbocharger for greater stability and reliability.

Enhanced cylinder head with higher flow gas nozzles and air rails to optimize injection angle, multi-point fuel injection control to reduce engine noise below 72 decibels; it also matches automatic gearbox for driving comfort High users are also fully satisfied.

With the emission standard upgraded from the national five to the national six, the national six engine that meets the market demand will gain a first-mover advantage. The Cursor 9 natural gas engine has taken the lead in occupying its place by virtue of its own advantages. The 2019 Zhibo Fair has debuted and has already shocked many exhibitors.

The Curaor9 natural gas engine demonstrates the most powerful natural gas engine on the market today and the widest power range of engines, extending to long-haul and distribution as well as municipal trucks.

If you are interested in the Curaor9 natural gas engine and want to know more about its performance, you may wish to experience it at the S1019 booth at the International Expo Center in Chongqing. I believe it will shock you and subvert your perception of the engine.

Reading volume: Source: the Philippine Red powertrain Author: Le Feng

Mold infestation usually comes with a musty odor. If there is mold in your HVAC system, you should be able to smell the strange musty odor in multiple adjacent rooms. If the mold problem is quite severe, you should be able to spot the growth around the ducts, in the vents and the other parts of the ductwork. The spores are too small for spotting without specialized equipment, and you will not see any other overt signs until the infestation is rampant. In most cases, people have to rely on their sense of smell to detect the presence of this stealthy intruder in their homes.

What causes mold infestation in the HVAC air ducts?

A warm location with high water vapor content is particularly prone to mold buildup within the ducts. Water vapor can form within the duct system when cold air passes through, and when there is high water vapor content in the outside environment, the water droplets usually collect instead of evaporating. It forms the most conducive environment for mold growth. The nutrition for the mold usually comes from dust, dirt, dead skin cells, pollen, and animal dander that collects over months inside the duct along with the water.

What are the signs of mold in air ducts?

Here are a few definitive signs of mold growth within home HVAC systems:

A strong mildew-like or musty smell throughout the house or at least in a few adjacent rooms.
Your nose, throat, and eyes feel irritated when you switch on the air conditioning or step inside an air-conditioned room.
You are experiencing allergic symptoms including a runny nose, rashes, and watering eyes.
You or your family is suffering from unexplainable headaches that go away when you step outside.
You feel nausea, fatigue, and dizziness only when you are home.
You can see the mold growing within the intake vents and around the air ducts and drip pans.
Therefore, if you live in a warm climate and your home smells musty all the time, you have the perfect reason to suspect a mold infestation within the central air conditioning system. You should never wait for the visible signs of infestation to manifest before taking action. You may not be able to see specific sections of your HVAC ductwork from the outside. In that case, you should ask for professional help.

How can homeowners tackle the problem of mold and how to get rid of mold in air ducts?

Sometimes, the mold problem is not overwhelming, and homeowners prefer to deal with the issue on their own. It calls for some robust DIY mold removal techniques. The EPA recommends the employment of professional mold removing services when the suspected mold cover spreads over ten sq ft. If the infestation in your heating ducts is not as severe, you can try removing the growth with ingredients that you can find at your local Home Depot.  Here is information on how to get rid of mold in air ducts.

Removing Mold from Your HVAC System:

Selection of the cleaning solution is the first and the most crucial step that decides the fate of the HVAC system inside your home and ultimately if you are successful in how to get rid of mold in air ducts. The cleaning agent you choose can either remove mold or let it fester secretly. Therefore, you need to be cautious when selecting a DIY solution for your mold problem.

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