The correct operation method of the sprinkler pump

After the winter has passed, the rain and snow in the north are freezing more and more. The sprinklers that have finished working one day must pay attention to the spoiler water pump freezing. You have to remember to release the water. At the same time, you must know the correct operation method of the sprinkler pumps below to ensure the safety of the vehicle. winter.


First, the start of the sprinkler sprinkler pump

1. Connect the relevant pipeline, start the engine, step on the clutch pedal, open the power lever operation switch, and make it open. (When the road sprinkler is before the water is absorbed or before the water is sprinkled, the power take-off gear must be stopped at the time of parking)

2. Through the throttle controller, the working speed of the sprinkler can be controlled.


Second, the sprinkler sprinkler stops

Push the throttle controller to minimize the speed. Press the clutch pedal to pull the power take-off control switch back to the original position to disengage the power take-off box.

Third, the inspection of the sprinkler sprinkler after use

1. Check if the power take-off control switch is back and check if the throttle controller is at the minimum position.

2. Check the position of the valve handle, which should be closed.


The above three points must be operated correctly according to the regulations. The most important thing is to freeze the ice in winter. If you are in a long period of downtime, please remember to let go of the remaining water, and you must put it clean to prevent freezing and freezing.

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