Sensata (Baoying) Sensors Increased Capital to Expand Production in Yangzhou

On the 19th, Sensata Technology Corporation of the United States formally signed a contract for a capital increase and production expansion (Baoying) sensor project in Yangzhou. On the same day, Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Wang Yanwen and Mayor Xie Zhengyi attended the meeting and met with Yangzhou to sign Ms. Martha Sullivan, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sensata Technology, Inc., Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Folket and his colleagues

Baoying County Chief Wang Tingguo and Sensata Senior Vice President of Science and Technology Operations Dirk Ding signed contracts on behalf of the two parties respectively, increasing investment in the expansion of sensor projects, will build a new 32,500-square-meter five-story plant, expected to start in February 2011 and be completed by the end of the year.

Sensata Technologies (NYSE: ST) is a global leader in sensors and controllers, and its products have a wide range of markets and applications.

Sensata Technology (Baoying) Co., Ltd., which was established in Baoying, Yangzhou in 1996, is a subsidiary of Sensata Technology Corporation of the United States. After 15 years of transformation and improvement, it has become Sensata’s best global efficiency and the largest thermal protector production in Asia. base. In particular, last year, more than 20 production lines from Japan, South Korea, Hungary, and Brazil successfully moved to Baoying, and production capacity doubled from that of 2008.

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