The world's first lignite coal-water slurry gasification project

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China drying wire Reuters July 31, Datang Hulunbeier fertilizer companies 18 • 30 projects all through the process, the first batch of urea product success off the assembly line. This is the world's first brown coal coal slurry gasification process project. It is reported that the total investment for the 18•30 project was 1.94 billion yuan, which began on May 27, 2008. After production, it will produce 180,000 tons of synthetic ammonia and 300,000 tons of urea annually.

The core technology of this project is the non-slag-slag slag coal gasification staged gasification process. Based on the digestion and absorption of Texaco coal-water slurry gasification technology, the method of using oxygen to classify the gasification furnace is a domestically developed method. The new practical coal gasification technology. Syngas purification adopts low-temperature methanol washing combined with liquid nitrogen washing process, ammonia synthesis adopts low-pressure synthesis process, and urea plant adopts improved carbon dioxide gas extraction process. The overall process has the characteristics of high production intensity, stable production and operation, high operating rate, and low emission of “three wastes”.

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