AHY-6 Oxygen Respirator Safety Practice

1. AHY-6 Oxygen breathing apparatus is a type of four-hour oxygen breathing apparatus that is isolated from the atmosphere and must be used by specially trained professionals. 2. Before the AHY-6 oxygen breathing apparatus is used, the first five inspections of the whole machine must be carried out, and the technical performance specified by the standard should be achieved. At the same time, the accessories must be complete, the performance is good, and the coolant (ice cube) is prepared. 3. When using the AHY-6 Oxygen Respirator, it is strictly forbidden to speak through the mouthpiece (except for the mask); all work and actions must be strictly controlled using the specified audible signals and gestures. 4. In the absence of any clarification of the presence or absence of harmful gases, the AHY-6 oxygen breathing apparatus must be used in advance. 5. The AHY-6 oxygen breathing apparatus should be placed in the fixed position of the loading platform (ie, the upper cover is facing down, the breathing hose and the strap are placed on the outer casing, and the waistband is folded over the breathing hose and On the strap). 6. With the wearer facing the respirator, first separate the belt and strap, then pull out the respirator hose to the drooping position. 7. The wearer holds the two sides of the respirator in the straps, lifts them over the back of the head and then releases them quickly. At the same time, the arms extend outwards, causing the respirator to slide down on the back. In the strap. 8. Fasten your belt and check that the accessories (signal device, smoke-proof glasses, nose clips, neck straps, spare ice cubes, etc.) are complete.

9. Before the mine rescue team enters the disaster area, all the commanders must make pre-war inspections on the AHY-6 oxygen breathing apparatus. (1) Make 9 inspections according to the four-hour oxygen breathing apparatus pre-war inspection sequence and method: mutual inspection of the players; Flexibility of the air valve and suction valve, reverse air tightness and air tightness of the whole machine; open the oxygen cylinder switch and turn the handwheel half a turn; check the flow rate of the pressure reducer, automatic lung opening and closing action and manual The opening condition of the replenishing valve and the opening action of the automatic exhaust valve; check the indication value of the pressure gauge to calculate the oxygen storage amount in the oxygen cylinder; and check whether the ice cube cooling agent is installed before entering the area where the temperature is higher than 26 degrees Celsius; 2) Report pre-war inspections. First, the team member of the * began to report to the team leader: "No. 1 player has a good respirator, air pressure XX." And so on. Finally, the team leader reports his instrument and air pressure to all the team members; (3) The team leader goes to the commander in accordance with the requirements of the militarized action, and stands upright and salutes. Report: "The XX squadron Xth team X commanders and fighters are all in line, technology Fully equipped, good respirator, minimum oxygen pressure XX, please give the task and instructions. After the commander arranged the task, the team leader ran back to the queue of the team and told the team members all the time, and asked the team members: "Do you understand? "The players answered: "Understand." 10. After the captain releases the command for wearing the mouth, all the combatants of the team should take out their respective mouthpieces, place the mouth piece of the mouth between the lips and teeth (or quickly wear the cover), and fasten the fixed belt. Put on the nose clip and seal the nostrils (when the woman has smoke, wear smoke-proof glasses).

11. Pay attention to the following items when using AHY-6 oxygen breathing apparatus in work and action (1) The head should be slow to prevent the nose clip from falling off; (2) The breathing should be even, pay attention to your feelings and check the oxygen consumption. . (3) When you feel difficulty breathing, headache, vertigo, tinnitus, palpitation, etc., immediately press the manual replenishment valve button to fill the airbag with oxygen, and report the squad leader to check the respirator; (4) if the respirator fails When using, you should find out the reason, replace the spare oxygen cylinder or replace the oxygen breathing apparatus (or two-hour oxygen breathing apparatus) for one hour, and withdraw from the disaster area; when encountering low narrow roadway, the respirator should be taken off the back, but not Remove the mouthpiece, nose clip or mask, and use your hands to hold the sputum through the roadway, then re-back it; (5) When not necessary, do not use manual replenishment to avoid wasting oxygen; (6) wear a respirator All work and actions should be contacted by audible signals or gestures. It is strictly forbidden to pass or remove the mouthpiece (except for wearing a mask). Under no circumstances should nose clips and mouthpieces be removed. It is strictly forbidden to act alone. 12. After the mine rescue team exits the disaster area and arrive at the base, the disassembly should be carried out according to the following regulations: (1) remove the nose clip and mouthpiece (or remove the mask); (2) observe the residual oxygen pressure and close the oxygen cylinder switch; (3) ) pour out the saliva and stuff the mouth with a plug; (4) release the accumulated water from the ice in the cooler and remove the remaining ice; (5) untie the belt and remove the miner's lamp; the body is slightly bent, and the shoulders are held by both hands. Lift the upper strap up so that the respirator is close to the back of the head, hold both hands on the sides of the respirator, lift the top of the head, withdraw the body, place the respirator in a safe place on the base (or on the dressing table), and straighten out the breathing hose. , straps and belts; wear miner's lamp; (6) remove the anti-smoking glasses and put them on the breathing hose. 13. Regardless of the day or night, regardless of the degree of fatigue, the respirator after use must be restored to readiness according to the following regulations: (1) Disassemble and clean immediately, and dry in a cool place; (2) Replace the filling pressure to 20 MPa. The above oxygen cylinder; (3) the refill tank is refilled with carbon dioxide absorbent (about 2000 g of calcium hydroxide), the saliva box is filled with new absorbent cotton; (4) the other dried components are assembled, and the first 5 items are carried out. Check to meet the requirements of the standard requirements, in a state of complete readiness.

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