Cummins Remote Intelligence Products Enables Remote Diagnostics and Receives Outstanding Customer Service Award

Cummins Connected DiagnosticsTM received the Outstanding Customer Service Award from Frost & Sullivan, the world's largest corporate growth consulting company, for the 2017 North American Outstanding Customer Value Leadership Award. This remote diagnostic intelligent product is always escorted by remote monitoring of the engine. Once the vehicle malfunctions, it can be connected remotely.

Cummins Remote Connected DiagnosticsTM Receives North American Outstanding Customer Service Award Cummins Remote Connected DiagnosticsTM Receives North American Outstanding Customer Service Award

According to Frost & Sullivan senior researcher Gokulnath Raghavan, “We have found that Cummins' smart service also drives the sales of engines. Some teams have deliberately postponed the truck procurement program to wait for engines with remote diagnostic capabilities, and Cummins remote intelligent technology products. Reduce total operating costs by reducing failure rates and reducing fuel consumption."

The current engine remote diagnosis function has been implemented in China and has begun to cooperate with leading vehicle manufacturers and car networking service providers. As the cooperation continues to deepen, Cummins' digital products will bring more intelligent and convenient vehicles to users. Experience.

Cummins has been conducting data analysis business in the Chinese market for many years, through the value integration with partners such as OEMs and car networking to jointly develop more markets. In 2011, Cummins Tianyuan Company was established to specialize in research and development of vehicle networking systems, including Cummins C. A complete set of advanced teleservice products, including -link, can collect relevant data from the engine's electronic control module and based on this data, develop customized solutions for customers to meet their needs.

Cummins Engine Remote Diagnostics Cummins Engine Remote Diagnostics

Customers are looking for more convenient, more responsive, real-time updates of information, making products safer, more efficient, and more convenient to use. Cummins has provided remote service systems for multiple markets over the years, but the potential for digitalization goes far beyond car networking systems and continues to grow at a higher rate. Recognizing this, Cummins set up the Digital Accelerators Division in May 2017 to accelerate innovation and put ideas into commercial practice in the quickest and most efficient way.


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