Talking about the Technical Essentials and Operation in Flotation Operation (2)

3 product quality and pharmaceutical system cooperation

Pharmaceutical dosage depends on the nature of the agent and coal mud. Increasing the concentration of the collector in the coal slurry can increase the flotation speed; however, if the amount is too much, the selectivity of the floating particles will be reduced, and the gangue particles will be brought into the foam to increase the clean coal ash.

(1) When there are too many foaming agents, the foam layer of each chamber becomes thicker, the bubbles are small, the water film is shiny, the foam is tough and elastic, and the foam is sticky by hand, which is not easy to fall off, and does not shatter after being scraped into the concentrate tank. . The foam is oily, which reduces the flotation effect, so that some high-ash fine mud adheres to the bubbles and floats together, which affects the quality of the product; if the amount of foaming agent is too small, the resulting foam becomes brittle, and the foam is blown by hand. The foam is easily broken and cannot guarantee the full float of the fine coal. This results in low ash clean coal. However, coal will run in the tailings and the tailings will have lower ash.

(2) Excessive collection and collection, the foam layer is dense, the bubbles are brittle, no large bubbles are formed, the foam is not sticky, and the dewatering performance is good. The foam scrapes into the chute and has a rustling sound. If the dosage is too small, the first two chambers will have large bubbles, the foam will be black, the smooth surface of the foam will be fine particles, and the foam will be easily broken; the pulp in the back chamber will be black, and the coal in the tailings will still run a lot.

(3) When the mineralizer effect of the slurry preparation device is not good, it is necessary to add medicine in stages. When adding drugs, pay attention to the degree of dispersion of the agent and the contact time of the pulp and the degree of mineralization of the pulp. In practice, a period of foaming agent is added and collected, and only the foaming agent is added in the second stage. In this way, an appropriate amount of stable bubble groups can be precipitated in the slurry. A section of dosing is basically to select low-ash fine-grained slime and has a large impact on the flotation speed. When the particle size is coarse and uniform, the dosage should be specially controlled to prevent the post-foam string, causing the tailings to run coal, affecting the flotation speed and the treatment volume; the second paragraph is to accelerate the flotation speed and supplement a section of foam. The amount of medicine that floats out, recovering large granular coal and other floating clean coal. The more frequent adjustment of the dosing amount and the drug ratio is mainly based on the slime to be recovered. After the second stage, the coarse particles should be mainly recovered, while the coarse flotation requires the bubbles to be solid, so more foaming agents are used. However, it is important to note that the dosing of the dosing point can avoid running coal and waste.

4 adjustment of the floating concentration

In the flotation process, whether the concentration of the float is appropriate, and finally manifested in the quality of the product, the dewatering effect of the clean coal, and the processing capacity of the flotation machine. During the flotation operation, changes in the concentration of the float will be reflected in the bubbles in the chambers of the flotation machine. Normally, the thickness of the foam layer should be such that it is sequentially thinned from the first chamber until the final chamber foam layer does not cover the pulp surface. The foam in the previous chamber is thick, the color is grayish black, no large bubbles, the bubble size is uneven, the foam is mostly fine particles, the foam is smooth and stable; the 2-chamber foam layer is thinner, but denser, contains more coal, and has a darker color. The foam is no longer smooth and rough. This is the result of the coarser particles floating up. The rear two-chamber foam layer can not cover the pulp surface, the bubble size is not equal, and the bubble burst and merger phenomenon are obvious.

(1) When the concentration of ore is gradually increased, the foam layer gradually becomes thicker, and gradually moves from the front chamber to the rear two chambers. The foam is killed, the aeration effect is obviously reduced, the foam color is black, the foam is sticky, and the fine particle content is getting more and more serious. The dewatering performance of the foam is lowered, and the foam is squeezed by hand to show that the coal in the palm is sticky. The final chamber foam is also very thick, the pulp is black, and in addition to the coarse coal in the tailings, there is fine coal and foam in the tail coal. See this phenomenon, should immediately reduce the amount of ore added or increase the dilution water, adjust the dosage of the agent, and patrol the ash content of each room and tailings.

(2) When the concentration of raw ore is gradually reduced, the size of the bubbles in the first two chambers will be uneven, the surface of the foam layer will be less coal, the foam layer in the final chamber will be thinner, and the foam will not cover the surface of the slurry. When the surface of the slurry is heavily flowered, the bubble is broken. In this case, the ratio should be adjusted first to prevent wasting medicine; the tailings discharge gate should be appropriately reduced to increase the tailings discharge.

(3) The proper ore concentration should be such that the impurities and coal particles in the slurry are sufficiently separated. This separation is such that the coal particles adhering to the foam do not lose the chance of flotation due to the large amount of mud impurities; under the established process flow and the pharmaceutical system, the coarse and fine particles should be fully floated. Timely and accurate judgment of coal quality is an important basis for selecting the concentration of raw ore; when inspecting and judging the situation of coal particles, it can be used for general inspection and observation by hand.

5 adjustment of the amount of minerals

The amount of ore delivered refers to the amount of pulp delivered per unit time of the flotation machine. Under the premise of ensuring quality, the adjustment of the ore supply is mainly determined by the flotation speed of the slime. The concentration of the ore is large, the foam layer of each chamber of the flotation machine is naturally thick, and the coal running phenomenon of medium and small particles will appear in the tailings. At this time, the amount of ore should be reduced, and the amount of slurry circulation should be increased to prolong the flotation time. If the concentration is too large and affects product quality, the concentration should be adjusted.

The ore concentration and the ore supply directly affect the processing capacity of the flotation machine; the appropriate concentration is the basis for adjusting the flotation operation, and is also an important condition for improving the efficiency of the flotation machine. The method of increasing the concentration of raw ore to increase the production capacity of the flotation machine can not receive good results. Because the concentration of raw ore is large, the fine fraction is relatively increased, which makes the dehydration of the product difficult. Starting from the appropriate increase in the amount of minerals, changing the pharmaceutical system, and strengthening operations, it is a way to improve flotation. The amount of minerals is the same as the concentration adjustment, and it takes a while for the change to occur once. Therefore, avoid over- or over-adjustment.

6 flotation machine maintenance and maintenance

The flotation machine is the most critical equipment in the treatment of slime water. Its performance directly affects the entire slime water system. When the liquid level of the flotation machine is stable and the foam layer is dead, and the dosage is properly increased but the mineralization effect of the slurry is not obvious, the air inlet of the flotation machine should be checked for blockage, impeller, stator cover and diversion. The wear of the plate and the axial clearance and radial clearance between the impeller and the stator are increased.

For the characteristics of the XJX-TA12 flotation machine of the plant, the radial clearance should be controlled within (10+1) mm, the axial clearance can be achieved by adjusting the gasket; the gap between the scraper and the overflow is not more than 5mm, the rear chamber scraper is shifted by 300mm from the previous chamber scraper to reduce the scraper motor load. In addition, the bearing parts of the stirring mechanism should be refueled irregularly to ensure the lubrication of the bearings.

In short, in the flotation operation, the floating ash and tailings ash are the main indicators to measure the effect of flotation. The best efforts should be made to increase the recovery rate, reduce the loss and reduce the consumption; increasing the treatment volume is the ultimate goal of flotation. Flotation operation is a difficult process from difficulty to difficulty. In the operation, the phenomenon of ultra-grey and tailings running coal should be carefully analyzed.

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