Gas drainage design of coal mining face

Mining Coal Caving Face drainage design

(1) Overview of coal mining face

1. Geological structure and coal seam occurrence

Fault in the working plane, magmatic rocks, slate top of the bottom seam, this seam thickness adjacent the seam, spacing, angle and other seam.

2. Working situation

Heading length, tilt width, working surface machine, wind lane elevation, collection line position, mining height, recoverable reserves, estimated recovery output and recovery time.

(II) Analysis of gas emission from the working face and source analysis

1. Prediction of relative gas emission from the working face

(1) Calculate the gas content of each coal seam coal

(2) Calculation of gas emission from the coal seam

(3) Calculation of gas emission from adjacent layers

(4) Calculation of gas emission from surrounding rock

(5) Expectation of the amount of work surface

2. Calculate the residual gas content of coal

(III) Extraction system design

1. Extraction method and drilling field, drilling design

(1) High-level drilling and drainage should explain the spacing of the drilling field, the number of drilling sites, the parameters of the drilling field, the number of drilling holes, drilling parameters, compression length, sealing length and material.

(2) Design parameters and protection measures for the buried pipe in the goaf.

(3) Design parameters of the bedding layer.

2. Determination or verification of the capacity of the extraction system

(1) Determination of the pumping flow rate of the gas pump

(2) Determination of pipe diameter, pipe material and wall thickness

(3) Calculation of resistance of pumping pipeline system

(4) Gas pump pumping negative pressure and flow

(5) Extraction pump selection

3. Gas drainage monitoring and metering device

Explain the type of monitoring and metering device installed on the pumping station and pipeline, the type of sensor, the number of units, and the attached table.

(4) Safety technical measures

Drilling construction

2. Installation and maintenance of pipelines and ancillary facilities

3. Pump station installation and management

4. Other

(E) capital investment budget

(6) Drawings

1. Working surface gas extraction system diagram

2. Drilling field, drilling design

The design parameters are reflected on the working surface plan, the wind lane profile, and the drill floor profile.

Note: Refer to the AQ1026-2006 and AQ1027-2006 standards for parameter calculation. The relevant formulas should be attached to the design calculation.

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