SAIC Hongyan’s scientific interpretation of lighter weight rather than 100 kilograms is not at the expense of safety

Since the official release of the GB1589 Regulations last year, strict regulations for overriding regulations have been introduced and implemented. At this time, the advantages of lightweight products have become more pronounced. However, the blindness of “reducing weight for weight reduction” is hidden. Huge security risks. In view of this, SAIC Hongyan has always been adhering to the principle of “everything is light about the safety of lightweighting!”, preferring to be a little bit of safety but also to ensure the vehicle. At a time when lightweighting was controversial, the lightweighting of SAIC Hongyan became more mature and generally recognized by customers. Facts speak louder than words. The following events are evidenced by the events that benefited from the safety of Hongyan products.

In the first place, the fire escapes, and Jessie writes legends

Zhang Xiaobing is the general manager of a chemical transport company in Shandong. A few years ago, he did not expect the safety of the lion car because of the fancy appearance of Hongyanjieshi, driving comfort, strong power, energy saving, and long maintenance intervals. The aspect is also such an outstanding one. There are now five years of Lions vehicles and none of the dozens of drivers have been injured.
In 2014, Zhang Xiaobing’s two Jieshi tankers were caught in a rear-end collision and the fuel leaked. Even though the two cars had become unrecognizable, the driver opened the door to escape at the first time after striking the fire. Even firefighters lamented that Jieshi is a good car. If the cab is deformed and cannot be opened, the consequences would be disastrous.

It is precisely because the Hongyan Jie Lion cab is formed by high-strength steel plate frame punching and welding. The reinforced area is never easily reduced. It would rather be heavy enough to not easily deform the cab, so that it is possible to guarantee the door as much as possible after the impact. Open, this is the driver's life.

Event Two, cab rear technology, glad to have this skill

In 2016, the Wuhan Hongyan Kingston slag truck driven by Wuhan Karyou Luo has caused a rear-end collision because of the carelessness. In the event of poor line-of-sight, fast speed, and high front freight cars, it is too late to dodge and decelerate, and the cab directly hits the front vehicle. . However, Master Luo was safe and sound after the accident, but the car was damaged due to deformation of the cab. Fortunately, the door could also be opened and slowly climbed out of the seat to alert him.

It is not accidental that Master Luo survived, but he benefited from the four-point suspension cab standard that SAIC Hongyan had as a whole. The cab's overall rearward movement technology can make the cab move up to 500mm after impact, which effectively reduces the impact force. Damage to occupants. Afterwards, Master Luo rejoiced that his love card had this magical skill before he passed on with his death.

Event 3: There is no diamond mask or porcelain

In March 2017, a train on the Henan Handan Railway Co. collided with a Hongyan Jieshi semi-trailer. It was thought that there would be a tragedy of car crashes. However, in the accident, the Hongyanjie Lion car was hardly damaged. Instead, the train cab was deformed due to collision. The accident caused the train driver to fracture his brow, and two Hongyan Jieshi. Drivers and passengers are not affected by the inspection. The onlookers also exclaimed: "The train can't beat the car." In fact, this is not the first time that the Hongyan car collided with the train. As early as 2015, there was a collision between the Hongyanjie Lion and the train in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia. Although the collision damage at that time had caused the shift of the cab of the Hongyan Jie Lion, due to the use of high-strength steel in the Hongyan cab, the driver survived the accident and the train cab was severely deformed.

"Safety heavy truck, SAIC Red Rock." This is the unanimous applause of Hongyan Rocky Card Friends who have experienced risks but all of them are in danger. SAIC Hongyan has achieved the ultimate in vehicle safety. The concept of “safety first for drivers and passengers” has been incorporated into the vehicle during the design and manufacturing process. Even on the road of lightweight construction, SAIC Hongyan also gives priority to ensuring driving safety and reduces weight in a reasonable place. The necessary places must be taken care of.

On the premise of ensuring safety and reliability, using European mature light-weighted technology experience, the use of new materials, new technology and scientific weight loss. For example, the use of aluminum shell transmission, aluminum alloy steel ring, aluminum alloy tank, aluminum alloy gas cylinder, vacuum tires and other lightweight configurations to reduce vehicle weight, alloy material is not only bright and beautiful appearance, and good cooling effect, solid and reliable.

Rather 100 kg more without sacrificing vehicle safety
Due to the design concept and finesse of SAIC Hongyan, Hongyan products can walk on the road ahead on a lightweight road. However, due to the responsibility for user safety, after the reduction in the reduced area, Jieshi cab is sacrificed. The way of self-respect is in exchange for the safety of occupants. Let the cab not only become a place to shelter and become a safe haven.

It is precisely because of the strict requirements on security. While pursuing economic benefits, it also makes no compromises to safety standards. For many years, Hongyan Jieshi has hardly experienced a driver casualty accident, and it has also made Hongyan car a synonym for safety.

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