·Beijing will strictly check the vans forcibly overtaking the driving

From the 13th to the August, the city will carry out a 100-day professional transportation unit to create a “double no” creation activity “with no serious illegal activities and no major traffic accidents”. The traffic control department will strictly investigate the serious traffic violations such as forced overtaking, barbaric driving and fatigue driving of passenger and freight vehicles.
The operation will focus on the major traffic accidents and traffic violations that have exceeded the standards since 2015, and comprehensively check the safety performance of the vehicles, whether there are overdue unchecked, overdue unreturned, illegally modified vehicles, and non-compliance with safety standards; Whether the driver has unresolved traffic violations, the driver's license has not been verified, and the traffic violations have not been processed for relegation and renewal. Supervise the rectification of the units that have problems.
Through order rectification and strict road control, the city will strengthen the barbaric driving of passenger and freight vehicles, fatigue driving, speeding, reverse driving, forced overtaking, illegal parking, unlicensed decks to block dirty number plates, red light, speeding Such as the serious traffic violations of the rectification; serious handling of illegal modifications, taillights are not bright, illegal installation of spotlights, body reflective signs set, side rear guards installed irregularly and so on.
During the road inspection process, 7 passenger vehicles and passenger vehicles will be inspected one by one and registered by car. The number of passengers must be checked, the driving time must be checked, the driving qualification must be checked, and the vehicle inspection must be checked. Vehicle safety facilities must be checked and the vehicle tire wear status must be checked. At the same time, the upper limit of violations such as bus passengers, off-site passengers, violation of 0 to 2 hours of traffic regulations, etc.

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