· Ford North America recalled more than 220,000 vehicles and found three hidden dangers

According to reports, Ford announced that it will recall more than 220,000 vehicles in North America because of possible problems with door handles, vacuum pump relays, and sensors.

Ford said the recalled models include the 2011-2013 Explorer SUV and the Police Interceptor police car, a total of 212,911 vehicles. Considering that the spring that controls the door handle of the car may be loose, the door is not locked, and when the body is hit, the possibility of injury is increased. So far, Ford has confirmed that no related incidents have occurred. The recall was 194,484 in the United States, 12,392 in Canada, and 6,035 in Mexico. The dealer will thoroughly inspect the four inner door handles of the car and, if necessary, replace or repair the faulty handles for free.

The models with vacuum pump relay problems are the 2013-2015 Lincoln MKT luxury sedan, totaling 1,725 ​​units. The specific distribution is that 1,586 vehicles were recalled in the United States and 139 vehicles were recalled in Canada. This problem can cause the engine compartment to catch fire. At present, Ford confirmed two similar incidents, but no injuries and accidents.

The vehicles recalled due to exhaust temperature sensor problems include the 2011-2013 F-Series SuperDuty ambulance and the 2014-2015 series of 6.7-liter diesel engines, with a total of 6,472 vehicles. The specific distribution is that 6,322 vehicles were recalled in the United States, 96 vehicles were recalled in Canada, and 54 vehicles were recalled in Mexico. This problem will cause the sensor to not correctly confirm the high temperature condition of the car. Currently, the company has confirmed that similar problems have not caused an accident or injury. For vehicles with this issue, the dealer will update the software for free.

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