High pressure cleaning car principle and structure

The high-pressure cleaning vehicle produced by Cheng Li Special-purpose Automobile is a multifunctional dual-pump cleaning vehicle with independent high and low pressure cleaning water system. Its working principle is to use high-pressure water generated by high-pressure water pump to spray through the nozzle of the water spray frame. Out, take full advantage of the kinetic energy of high-pressure water flow, high-pressure, low-flow cleaning, strong decontamination, efficient water saving, can clean the old stains on the road surface. You can use high pressure water sprayed through the left and right corners, clean the curbs, sidewalks and guardrails, and isolate the piers; use high-pressure spray guns to clean road signs, billboards, viaducts, etc.; use the spray system with powerful spray dust; spray disinfectant and regulate air The function of humidity.

The low-pressure waterway system of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle adopts a bipolar impeller centrifugal pump, which has high efficiency, cleaning width, and a long range of water gun, and can perform greening and fire fighting functions.

The high pressure bottom water system uses electro-hydraulic gas centralized control.

1. The principle of high-pressure cleaning vehicle water system
The principle of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle waterway system is shown in the figure. The independent engine transfers power to the transfer case. A drive shaft of the transfer case drives the high-pressure water pump to rotate. The high-pressure water pump rotates at 800r/min. The high-pressure pump absorbs water from the water tank and is filtered. The device filters out water impurities, high-pressure water pump outputs high-pressure water, and enters the water spray frame through various ball valves with cylinder control. The spray frame sprays high-pressure water through the nozzle to clean the road surface. Through the pneumatic ball valve, high-pressure water can enter the spray tube, and the spray nozzle is installed on the spray tube, and the spray nozzle can spray. Through the manual ball valve into the high pressure spray gun, high pressure water is injected, and the high pressure water gun is installed on the front platform of the tank body. Use the quick connector to access the small water gun for cleaning the car itself. The bypass throttling of the high pressure water through the throttle valve can reduce the system pressure. The water system has dual protection of safety valve and overflow valve. The relief valve pressure is 10MPa and the safety valve pressure is 12MPa.

The low-pressure water pump is powered by an independent engine and transferred to the transfer case. The other drive shaft of the transfer case drives the low-pressure pump. The speed of the low-pressure pump is 1450r/min. The flow rate of the low-pressure pump front sprinkling nozzle is suitable for cooling the sprinkler, and the pressure of the rear sprinkler is slightly higher. Used to flush the ground, the sprinkler nozzle is also controlled by an electrically controlled pneumatically operated ball valve. The low pressure water gun is at the rear of the vehicle. The gun body can be turned up and down and horizontally. Twist the sleeve in front of the gun to adjust the spray pattern of the water and close the water gun. . Operate the water gun and use the wireless intercom to communicate with the driver's cab.

2. Principle of Hydraulic Principle System of High Pressure Cleaning Vehicle
Principle of hydraulic system principle of high-pressure cleaning vehicle As shown, the independent engine power drives the gear oil pump to rotate through the transfer case. The gear oil pump sucks oil from the mailbox through the filter and inputs the high pressure oil through the check valve. The pressure of the high pressure oil is regulated by the overflow valve and the pressure The table shows. Through the two three-position four-way 0-type steering valve into the water tank telescopic cylinder, to achieve extension and shorten the spray boom, throttle control speed. The two-position four-way Y-type electromagnetic reversing valve controls the spray deflector cylinder and sprayer lift cylinder, and applies a bidirectional hydraulic lock to maintain the position.

If installing the optional guardrail cleaning device, remove the water jet rack and install the lifting cylinder and oil motor in the upper right corner.

If the lifting platform is installed on the upper left corner and the hydraulic system of the lifting platform is installed, the lifting platform is supported by two oil cylinders, and the hydraulic oil output by the oil pump rises to push up the piston of the oil cylinder. When the lifting platform is lowered, the gravity of the staff and the lifting device automatically decreases. The speed of descent is adjusted by the throttle valve, and the throttle valve in the electromagnetic support valve is adjusted by the ascending speed. The two unidirectional sequence valves at the lower end of the cylinder play a balancing role.

3. Other structures
Some companies produce high-pressure cleaners that do not use stand-alone engines but instead use automotive power. The power take-off device is mounted on the automotive power transmission, and the oil pump is driven by the drive shaft. The oil pump outputs the high-pressure oil to drive the oil motor to rotate. The motor passes through the speed reducer and decelerates to drive the high-pressure water pump and the low-pressure water pump to rotate.

There are also low-pressure pumps for high-pressure cleaning vehicles that draw power from the PTOs to drive low-pressure pumps. High-pressure pumps are driven by independent engines.

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