Strategic cooperation between Zhoushan Dinghai District and CSIC Heavy Industries 702

On the afternoon of September 21, the government of Zhoushan Dinghai District held a scientific and technological cooperation symposium with the 702 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement between the district government and the 702 Institute. Yan Kai, deputy director of the 702 Research Institute, and Chen Haiping, deputy head of the district attended the meeting. forum.
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation No. 702 Research Institute is a national key scientific research unit engaged in the basic research and application of national defense science and technology industry. It is also the only comprehensive experimental research base for ship, ocean engineering, hydrodynamic performance, structural performance and vibration and noise performance. It has successfully developed a series of products such as water environment treatment equipment represented by large-scale manned submersibles, sea-swept sea-effect vessels, small waterplane catamarans, and submersible rescue equipment, and won various scientific and technological achievements at various levels. More than 430 prizes have made important contributions to the development of China's national defense and shipbuilding industry.
According to the cooperation agreement, the 702 Institute will provide guidance and assistance to the development of the ship industry, technical services, platform construction, and personnel training. Help me formulate regional industrial development planning, and guide the transformation and upgrading of the region's ship; providing information, technical training and consulting services, guide enterprises to technology and management innovation, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; explore jointly build my area ship (marine) industry new technology The public service platform will accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry; introduce and cultivate high-end talents and teams in the shipbuilding field, establish a public knowledge base of ships and a high-end talent pool to realize the renewal and upgrading of human resources.
At the meeting, the relevant academicians of the 702 Institute exchanged ideas with representatives of various shipping companies in the district to conduct in-depth discussions on the development status and problems of the shipbuilding industry. Wu Yousheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out that the current international and domestic shipbuilding industry is in a serious situation. The development of the offshore industry in Dinghai District is still in its infancy, and the ship supporting facilities are still blank. The development of the shipbuilding industry needs to be further in-depth. It is necessary to conduct in-depth research, carefully plan, and actively guide the transformation of the Dinghai shipbuilding industry to the ship supporting field. All shipbuilding enterprises should focus on the development of shipbuilding and shipbuilding, and continuously improve the ship's precision manufacturing capability and information management capability; pay attention to the development and optimization of the main ship type, form their own advantages, and adopt the ship's sound reduction and noise reduction technology to carry out multidisciplinary optimization. , continuously improve product competitiveness.
At the meeting, also with the Institute of Zhejiang is 702 and Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. signed a "super energy saving 76000DWT Panamanian ship new technology research and development agreement" and "76000DWT bulk carrier of energy-saving device developed technology agreement", the two sides will develop and ship New energy-saving devices for further exchanges and cooperation on research. It is understood that in July this year, Wu Yousheng academician innovation team in Zhejiang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. to establish a positive and will further the close relationship between the company and the city's first high-end research team shipbuilding enterprise academician workstation to sign a new agreement to help guide business transformation upgrades, boosting the city's industrial development in our region and even ships.

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