Many instruments were selected into the national torch plan

Many instruments were selected into the national torch plan The Ministry of Science and Technology issued a notice on 2013 related national science and technology plan projects. Many companies were selected for the 2013 National Torch Program list:

Delixi Group Instrument Co., Ltd. DDZY607 single-phase fee-controlled smart energy meter;

Zhejiang Wansheng Power Meter Co., Ltd. centralized meter reading terminal; Zhejiang Cangnan Instrument Factory's CNiM-RM gas smart Roots flowmeter;

Zhengtai Electric Co., Ltd.'s power transmission equipment system integration services;

Zhejiang Diyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. automatic zero-diagnosis electromagnetic flowmeter industrialization;

Beijing Renbang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. R & D and industry of heavy-duty rail vehicle special monitoring equipment;

Beijing Snow Dilong Technology Co., Ltd. flue gas heavy metal mercury online monitoring system;

Hebei Everest Instrumentation Equipment Co., Ltd. radar precision ranging and multi-point temperature measurement system;

Dandong Eastern Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.'s industrial online moisture detector series products;

Shendong Dongda Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. special WRe and other special temperature sensor development and industrialization, etc.

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