Some knowledge of sprinkler horn

Sprinklers are used very often during sunrise. If a speaker fails, it will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble during driving. Sometimes the horn switch is pressed and the speaker does not respond or produce abnormal sound. The problems of general horns are roughly attributed to the horn itself, switches, and lines.
1, sometimes by the sprinkler horn switch, if the speaker intermittent sound, most of the reasons for the internal horn switch caused by poor contact, of course, does not rule out the speaker itself.
2, the speaker sound is too small or not loud, generally due to no contact with the lead part of the lead, some of the commonly used contacts due to frequent use, over time will cause damage.
3. If the horn is completely unresponsive, check if the line is disconnected or if the horn is damaged. If it is the former, you only need to change the line. If the latter is the case, you need to change the horn.

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