Dalian Rubber & Plastics Co., Ltd. Uses Intellectual Property to Open the "Market Gate"

Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. is fully aware that intellectual property is a core element in the development of science and technology globalization and is a powerful lever to open the market. Enterprises consciously apply for international patents to warm up, and their awareness of independent intellectual property rights continues to increase. In the last two years, there have been more than three dozen technology patent applications.

Big Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. has filed five patents in its leading product mixers, two-way simultaneous drawing units, and packaging film units. These five patents have played a significant role in improving the technical level and influence of the company's products and have promoted the sales of the products. The technological content and selling points of the products have been increased, so that the products with patented technologies have not only greatly increased the price, but also greatly increased the market popularity and the market share has increased year by year. The internal mixer of the mixer and the hydraulic top bolt are two patents on the internal mixer product. Not only the sales price of each mixer is increased by 10~20%, but the total sales volume has risen from more than 20 units in 2005 to 2007. In the year of 60 units, sales increased by more than 200 million yuan from less than 100 million yuan.

The blown film unit is a product of this company with patented technology. The price of domestic ordinary three-layer repackaging film units is only 2 million yuan, and this company's three-layer composite heavy-duty unit makes the film due to the patented technology of internal cooling automatic control. The product quality and technical level of the unit have been greatly improved. The product precision and output of the unit have reached the international advanced level. It fills the gap of domestic high-end heavy-duty units and has been approved by Sinopec. The unit price is 2.5 times that of domestic ordinary heavy-duty units. In addition, the imported heavy-duty unit was forced to drop from 1.3 million euros to less than 800,000 euros.

The company attaches great importance to the construction of trademarks and brands. The “Dai Rubber” brand is well-known in the rubber and plastic products industry at home and abroad. This company has made great efforts to this end. The company's products are continuously improving, and the technical level and quality of the products are continuously improving. While the variety is increasing, they actively promote the “Dai Rubber Plastic” brand. Each year, they use various media for publicity, in various professional magazines, newspapers and periodicals, etc. The print media advertises and participates in various exhibitions at home and abroad, and invests millions of dollars each year. "Big rubber and plastic" brand rubber and plastic machinery won three consecutive Liaoning Province brand-name products. In order to expand the company's operating capacity, make the company bigger and stronger, concentrate on making the leading product of refinement and strength, this company uses the "big rubber and plastic" brand for product proliferation, the licensing production, such as the company's small open mill, pressurized type Kneading machines and small blown film machines have spread to other companies. The company's production and operation situation is constantly improving, and sales revenue has steadily increased at a rate of more than 20% annually.

(Dalian Plastics Wang Zhenping Contributed)

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