The Adhesive Industry Ethics Report is released

The China Adhesives Industry Association recently released the first domestic “Erosion Industry Ethics Report”, which will promote the healthy development of the industry. The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association acknowledged the practice of the Adhesive Industry Association.
According to Yang Weicai, deputy director of China Adhesive Industry Association, in recent years, China's adhesive industry has developed rapidly, and its product output and quality have been greatly improved. A large number of products have won the title of China Famous Brand Products and China Famous Brand. He pointed out that behind the rapid development of the industry, issues such as environmental protection, product quality, and intellectual property rights have yet to be solved.
In response, the China Adhesives Industry Association has specifically formulated and implemented the "Adhesive Industry Ethics Report" in accordance with the instructions of the State Council General Office on "Accelerating the Reform and Development of Trade Association Chambers of Commerce". According to the “Ethics Report”, enterprises are required to earnestly implement the scientific concept of development, effectively implement the national industrial policy, and accelerate scientific and technological advancement and innovation; strengthen industry and corporate ethics and standards, and establish modernization with high quality, credibility, contract, and service. Corporate image; organize production in strict accordance with national standards and industry standards; safeguard the legitimate interests of enterprises in the industry, promote the protection of intellectual property in the industry, and oppose unfair competition; honest and law-abiding businesses, and eliminate falsification.
The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association believes that the establishment of an "ethics report" in the industry is in line with the requirements for corporate integrity construction and the direction of the association's reform. It can strengthen self-discipline in the industry and contribute to the healthy development of the industry.

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