Ministry of Commerce Announces Tariff Quota for Chemical Fertilizers in 2008

According to the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Import and Export of Goods" and China's accession to the World Trade Organization, the Ministry of Commerce recently announced the total import tariff quotas, distribution principles, and application procedures for chemical fertilizers in 2008. The total quotas were 3.3 million tons of urea, 6.9 million tons of diammonium phosphate, and 3.45 million tons of compound fertilizer, which were the same as the 2007 implementation quotas.
According to the information released by the Ministry of Commerce, the fertilizer varieties that were subject to tariff quota management in 2008 are still: urea, diammonium phosphate, compound fertilizer, and the tariff rate within the tariff quota has been adjusted from 4% in 2007 to 1%, while the tariff rate has remained unchanged. Changed to 50%. All eligible importers of fertilizers may submit applications to the import management agencies of important industrial products authorized by the Ministry of Commerce or directly apply to the Ministry of Commerce.

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