Five factors affect the post-holiday urea market

On the eve of the Spring Festival, due to the effects of rain and snow, urea was not delivered smoothly, and coal supply was tight. Many companies stopped due to power shortages or insufficient supply of raw materials. Coupled with the large export volume at the end of last year, the inventory of various companies is not large, and there is basically no inventory. Therefore, the domestic urea price is relatively stable, and the domestic manufacturers' quotation is the national maximum price limit of 1,725 ​​yuan/ton. However, after the Spring Festival, the five factors may push the price of the domestic urea market upward.

The first is the pull of international market prices. In the international market, the prices of raw materials for crude oil, natural gas and other fertilizers will remain at a relatively high price level. The cost of urea production will remain high. At the same time, international ocean freight charges will continue to rise, which will also increase the pressure on urea prices in the international market. The second is the increase in the cost of urea production. Fertilizer companies lack the necessary energy and raw material resources for production, and coal, electricity, gas and other energy sources have great price pressures. Third, the cost of product transportation increased. The decline in railway and highway transportation capacity caused by snow and ice before the Spring Festival will directly lead to rising transportation costs. Fourth, production enterprises cut production by half. In the later part of January, due to factors such as wagon and weather, it was difficult for manufacturers to ship. Many enterprises in Hunan, Hubei, and Guizhou had already cut production and stopped production, and market resources were reduced. Fifth, the role of exports is highlighted. The urea price is upside down at home and abroad, and the prospects for the urea export market are promising, so that fertilizer producers and distributors have high enthusiasm for exports. Taking the Indian market as an example, due to high urea prices in the Middle East and Russia, China's urea prices are very competitive in the Indian market, and the Indian market has become China's major export market for nitrogen fertilizer this year. The pull of urea exports further exacerbated the shortage of domestic market and promoted the steady rise of urea prices.

In general, the Spring Festival travel season around the Spring Festival, the manufacturers of the shipment will not be too large, coupled with the downstream dealers reserve is not much, the market has a gap, so the price is unlikely to decline; but due to the country's fertilizer companies have adopted a limit The price policy, urea production companies will also be cautious on price increases. Of course, it does not rule out that individual companies take illegal actions in private to raise prices in disguise. After all, the country's limit on urea is not the first time. Therefore, the urea market will continue to be mainly stable in the near future.

Size: 1/2''~6'' 

Class Rating: 3000~6000 

Facing: RF(raised face);FF(flat face);RTJ(ring type joint);RJ(ring joint face) 

TG(tongue and groove face);MFM(male and female face) 

Manufacturing process: Push, Press, Forge, Cast, etc. 



Carbon steel:

ASTM A105;  

ASTM A266 GR.1,GR.2,GR.3,GR.4 


Stainless steel: 

304/SUS304/UNS S30400/1.4301

304L/UNS S30403/1.4306;

304H/UNS S30409/1.4948;

309S/UNS S30908/1.4833

309H/UNS S30909;

310S/UNS S31008/1.4845;

310H/UNS S31009;

316/UNS S31600/1.4401;

316Ti/UNS S31635/1.4571;

316H/UNS S31609/1.4436;

316L/UNS S31603/1.4404;

316LN/UNS S31653;

317/UNS S31700;

317L/UNS S31703/1.4438;

321/UNS S32100/1.4541;

321H/UNS S32109;

347/UNS S34700/1.4550;

347H/UNS S34709/1.4912;

348/UNS S34800;


Alloy steel: 

ASTM A694 F42/F46/F48/F50/F52/F56/F60/F65/F70;

ASTM A182 F5a/F5/F9/F11/F12/F22/F91;

ASTM A350 LF1/LF2/LF3;


Duplex steel: 

ASTM A182 F51/S31803/1.4462;

ASTM A182 F53/S2507/S32750/1.4401;

ASTM A182 F55/S32760/1.4501/Zeron 100;


ASTM A182 F44/S31254/254SMO/1.4547;






Nickel alloy steel:

Alloy 200/Nickel 200/NO2200/2.4066/ASTM B366 WPN;

Alloy 201/Nickel 201/NO2201/2.4068/ASTM B366 WPNL;

Alloy 400/Monel 400/NO4400/NS111/2.4360/ASTM B366 WPNC;

Alloy K-500/Monel K-500/NO5500/2.475;

Alloy 600/Inconel 600/NO6600/NS333/2.4816;

Alloy 601/Inconel 601/NO6001/2.4851;

Alloy 625/Inconel 625/NO6625/NS336/2.4856;

Alloy 718/Inconel 718/NO7718/GH169/GH4169/2.4668;

Alloy 800/Incoloy 800/NO8800/1.4876;

Alloy 800H/Incoloy 800H/NO8810/1.4958;

Alloy 800HT/Incoloy 800HT/NO8811/1.4959;

Alloy 825/Incoloy 825/NO8825/2.4858/NS142;

Alloy 925/Incoloy 925/NO9925;

Hastelloy C/Alloy C/NO6003/2.4869/NS333;

Alloy C-276/Hastelloy C-276/N10276/2.4819;

Alloy C-4/Hastelloy C-4/NO6455/NS335/2.4610;

Alloy C-22/Hastelloy C-22/NO6022/2.4602;

Alloy C-2000/Hastelloy C-2000/NO6200/2.4675;

Alloy B/Hastelloy B/NS321/N10001;

Alloy B-2/Hastelloy B-2/N10665/NS322/2.4617;

Alloy B-3/Hastelloy B-3/N10675/2.4600;

Alloy X/Hastelloy X/NO6002/2.4665;

Alloy G-30/Hastelloy G-30/NO6030/2.4603;

Alloy X-750/Inconel X-750/NO7750/GH145/2.4669;

Alloy 20/Carpenter 20Cb3/NO8020/NS312/2.4660;

Alloy 31/NO8031/1.4562;

Alloy 901/NO9901/1.4898;

Incoloy 25-6Mo/NO8926/1.4529/Incoloy 926/Alloy 926;

Inconel 783/UNS R30783; 

NAS 254NM/NO8367;

Monel 30C

Nimonic 80A/Nickel Alloy 80a/UNS N07080/NA20/2.4631/2.4952

Nimonic 263/NO7263

Nimonic 90/UNS NO7090;

Incoloy 907/GH907;

Nitronic 60/Alloy 218/UNS S21800



Short section is a kind of fittings commonly used in industrial pipeline connection. There are common thread nipples, which are divided into two heads, outer silk, single head outer silk, flat head and outer silk, and some short joints with flanges.

The short section is divided into tubing short section and casing short section. The flanging short section in the pipe fittings is popular with the flange. The flange is set in the flanges, then the tail and the Steel Pipe are welded. At this time, the flange can be moved. As long as the flange is connected to the flange at any time, the flange can be connected.
The tubing short section is a short tubing. Compared with the tubing, it is only of different lengths and the others are the same. The lengths are: 0.25m, 0.5m, 1M, 1.5m, etc., which are used to match the downhole string.


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