Lanzhou strengthens energy-saving supervision of petrochemical and calcium carbide enterprises

On June 13, the Lanzhou City Energy Conservation Supervision Center was established, and will further increase the energy-saving monitoring and supervision of the petrochemical, calcium carbide, and metallurgical enterprises.

It is understood that the Lanzhou City energy-saving supervision will focus on 85 energy-consuming enterprises that annually consume 5,000 tons of standard coal. At the same time, enterprises that have annual energy consumption of 10,000 tons of standard coal will be urged to carry out energy audits and prepare energy-saving plans as soon as possible; Carry out the “Energy Conservation Bidding” campaign; actively guide and encourage high-energy-consuming enterprises to introduce and digest advanced energy-saving technologies and products at home and abroad; further improve the exit compensation mechanism, accelerate the elimination of outdated production capacity, and promote industrial upgrading; and use energy-saving assessment for fixed assets investment projects as Focus on strict market access and strictly control new energy-intensive projects.

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