The Third Session of the Second Session of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association's Board of Directors Adjusted the Supplementary Section of the Council and the Association's Leadership Members

On April 19, 2007, the third plenary session of the Second Council of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association was held in Ningbo. The meeting reviewed and passed the proposal on the adjustment of additional directors, standing directors, vice presidents, deputy secretary-generals and honorary directors.
It is reported that in the past two years, due to job changes and age, some of the governing unit leaders have changed. At the same time, with the continuous deepening of the work of the association, the service area has been further expanded. There are also some representative units in the region or industry who have joined the association. According to the changes in the personnel of some governing units and the needs of the development of the association’s work, the association’s members and executive members The directors, honorary directors, senior vice presidents, vice presidents, and deputy secretary-generals were adjusted.
Director Wang Xi Chairman of China Dye Industry Association Yang Jinqing Chairman of China Chemical Information Association Liu Xianqiu Secretary General of China Film Industry Association Fu Xu Director of China Chemical Information Center Wen Hong China Petroleum and Chemicals Magazine President Pan Xianji Secretary-general of Ningbo Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Liu Huamin President, Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Qin Zhiqiang President of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Chemical Industry Li Donghui Vice President and Secretary General of Dalian Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Wang Quanhuo Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Petrochemical Corporation Han Yuchuan Director of Sinochem Geology and Mine Administration Wang Xujiang Tianjin Liquor Resin Co., Ltd. Chairman and Managing Director Li Xihong Secretary General, China Petroleum and Chemical Information Society Wang Hui General Manager and Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Chemical Construction Corporation Sun Dongliang Wu Yuqi, Executive Vice President of the Chemical Industry Branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group Co., Ltd., Deputy Director of the SME Working Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Senior Vice President Cao Xing and CNOOC Party Member and Deputy General Manager Vice Chairman Ren Xiaoshan Sichuan Chemical Industry Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. Chairman and Deputy Party Secretary Dong Huayun Tianhua Group Co., Ltd. Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee Chen Huiliang Deputy General Manager, General Manager of Changshu International Fluorine Chemical Industrial Park Co., Ltd. Zhao Jungui Deputy Director of the Party Committee of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Honorary Director Wang Yuxiang Deputy Director of the Chongqing Municipal Economic Committee Li Ping Director of Hubei Province Petrochemical Industry Investment Promotion Center Du Xixue Standing Committee Member of the Jiangxi Provincial Committee , former director of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Chemical Industry, He Xiang, member of the Henan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, former director of the Henan Provincial Chemical Industry Department, Liu Boquan, member of the Hainan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, former general manager of the Hainan Provincial Fuel Chemical Corporation, Zhao Yanbo, consultant of Sichuan Chemical Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., Former Chairman of Sichuan Chemical Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., Director of Chemical Department of Sichuan Province (in no particular order)

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