90% of people are guilty of just sitting in the car.

As an old driver, Xiao Bian will encounter all kinds of people in daily life to ride a car, and some of them are really not seen outside, once on the train took a variety of "death" sitting position, Xiao Bian talked about It will also be ridiculed. There is really a sense of frustration that dogs bite Lv Dongbin and do not know well. Today Xiao Bian wrote a few dangerous postures when he was riding a car. Everyone learned to be strict with himself first, and the second is to promptly remind passengers who have these behaviors.

1, take the center console or out of the window

When the body is stretched, it will make people relax. So when someone is in the car, they like to put their feet on the center console or directly out of the window. Then the seat is pushed back and forth so that the body can be unfolded. More comfortable.

But in the event of a collision, or even just an emergency brake, it is possible that your lumbar spine will be fractured, and even more severe will be paraplegic. This is because in the event of a collision or sudden brake, due to inertia, the upper body of the person will lean forward. When the legs are too high, they will form a V-shape with the upper body. The intersection is your waist. Think about that. The scene feels horrible.

In addition, if the feet are placed on the center console or out of the window, it is easy to block the right side of the exterior mirrors, which is a very big hidden danger in the driving process, it is also likely to cause unnecessary collisions.

2, sitting on his legs or sitting cross-legged

Whether it is Xiao Bian or other media colleagues, when it comes to back-space space, they all like to use "Ji Erlang legs" to measure the size of space, and in fact, when riding "Jiu Erlang legs" is a very serious security risk.

In the event of a collision, because there is less support for one foot, it is not easy for you to maintain good body balance, and your body's stress will become uneven. The chest and ribs are likely to suffer serious injuries; if you sit cross-legged, Your leg will not achieve any force transmission. All injuries will be borne by the upper body and the injury will be more serious.

3, the seat is too flat

The effect of seat flattening is similar to that described in the first paragraph. The physical deployment will make people more comfortable. Although your leg is not lifted, it will not cause a fracture, but there are also many other security risks.

When you are lying flat, the seat belt is completely useless, and even when it is suddenly braked, it will become the "grilling rope" that will send you to the west. what! If you say that you don’t wear a seatbelt, you’ll be fine. When that crash caused the vehicle to roll, do you think you really can survive? According to scientific research, the most scientific angle of the vehicle seat is 27-30 degrees, so that the best effect of the seat belt can be achieved.

4, lying or lying in the back row

Some friends feel safe sitting in the back row, so they don’t use it in a reclining or lying position. This way of making full use of the space inside the vehicle is good when the vehicle is stopped, but if it’s moving In the process, people may be harmed without collision.

Because on the way of driving, during emergency line change and rapid cornering, the vehicle will roll, and there will be no limit to the body of the rear passengers at this time. The rear passengers will shake with the vehicle and the head will happen with the door or window. Collision, the consequences of how we can think for themselves. If side collisions occur, it is even more dangerous and life is precious!

5, hold the child sitting in the driver's seat

Finally, let us talk about the most common mistakes made by Chinese families. Xiaobian has already said N times on this point, but there are still a lot of people doing it on the road. Xiao Bian is really worried, so let's stress again that the children in your hands are not only less secure but also become yours. airbag.

First of all, due to inertia, you can't hold the child at all due to inertia. Second, if a collision occurs, the airbag pops up will seriously hurt the children. Again, do not let the children under 1.5 meters tall ride alone, because this time not only does not To protect the role, it will instead hold back children and cause suffocation and other tragedies.

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