Why is the life of the tire not long?

For card enthusiasts engaged in shipping, the wear of tires has to be included in the operating costs, and sometimes there is no need to replace a tire for more than a thousand dollars. In addition to the tire replacement cycle is inseparable with the quality, the external damage will also increase the tire wear.

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Under normal circumstances, the tire wear is divided into natural wear and abnormal wear. Natural wear is a normal phenomenon during the use of the tire. The tire is marked with a wear limit mark on the sidewall before leaving the factory, and the shape is different. When the tire wear reaches the position of the wear marker, the tire needs to be replaced.

● abnormal wear of tires

Under normal circumstances, if the vehicle tire is subjected to abnormal wear, the life of the tire will be greatly reduced, and the driving safety of the vehicle will be affected.

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Wear limit mark on normal tires

The inner side of the crown of the tire is unevenly worn and presents an inner cone. The main reasons are: Long-term driving of the car on an arched road surface does not change position in time. Both ends of the axle are bent upwards and deformed, causing the tire to bear too much inside, and the camber angle of the front wheel is not correct.

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The middle of the crown of the tire wears badly, that is, the middle of the tread wears. The main reason is that tires work under high tire pressure for a long time, which tends to cause increased wear in the middle of the tire crown and cracking at the bottom of the tread. In addition, when the vehicle is overloaded and the temperature inside the tire rises while driving, the pressure of the tire will also increase.

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The wear on both sides of the tire tread is severe. The main reason is that the tire pressure is insufficient for a long time, or the tread of the tire is too narrow and the wheels are too wide. The wear of the tire is mainly borne by both sides of the tread.

Partial wear on the tires is serious, mainly because there are more emergency brakes in use of the car. The out-of-roundness of the brake drum causes uneven frictional forces between the tire and the ground, and may even result in deformation of the tire.

The small patterns or large blocks on both sides of the tread are ground into a zigzag shape, which is generally due to the fact that the tread contacts the hard road surface instantaneously, and the front end of the block is deformed by squeezing.

● Preventive measures

For our card friends, many times, we can reduce tire wear through some preventive maintenance measures.

Why is the life of the tire not long?

Tire pressure is too high or too low is not good

1, tire pressure, tire pressure on the tire's life has a very close impact, tire pressure is too high or too low may cause tire deformation or friction with the ground. Remember not to change the tire pressure without authorization for load-bearing considerations or other considerations, and inflate the tire pressure in accordance with the actual factory setting.

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2. To avoid sudden braking, sudden braking is also an important cause of severe wear on the tire. When driving, try to avoid high-speed emergency brakes, learn to predict driving, turning speed should not be too fast, on the one hand is to improve safety, on the other hand is to reduce tire wear caused by steering friction.

3, regular inspection of the tread, often check the tread whether there is a crack or notch, the tread groove of the tire due to driving wear and gradually become shallow, if you wear it will lose the effect of slipping, which affects the safety of the tire. Also pay attention to the timely removal of small stones in the groove of the tread pattern.

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4, tires in the summer long-term driving or high-speed easy to overheat, while increasing pressure. At this point should pay attention to parking heat, it is strictly prohibited gas pressure or direct heavy water splashing.

● Postscript:

As an important component of a vehicle, a tire can play a role in supporting a vehicle body, cushioning external impact, achieving contact with the road surface and ensuring the driving performance of the vehicle. The wear and tear of tires is a problem that all card members must not ignore. In addition to irresistible factors that cause tire wear, diligent inspection and maintenance can extend the service life of the tire to some extent.

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