How to improve the stability of the Four Bridge Dump Truck.

In the process of using the four-axle dump truck, we must pay attention to the stability of the vehicle. Whether it is in the process of driving or in the process of loading and unloading, only ensuring that the vehicle can operate stably can ensure better safety. For the improvement of the stability of the dump truck for the Fourth Bridge, attention should be paid to the following aspects, so that the four-axle dump truck can be better used.


First, on the control of the center of gravity of the Dashi Dump Truck. When the dump truck was unloaded, the gravity of the vehicle exceeded the outer edge of the stable surface of the vehicle, which made it very prone to rollover accidents. Therefore, the way to ensure vehicle stability is to control the load center of gravity of the vehicle during unloading. Generally speaking, the design can adjust the pressure of the cylinder, so that the pressure it can withstand can be matched with the load, so that the center of gravity can be effectively controlled and the center of gravity will not be displaced with the unloading. Maintain the stability of the vehicle at work. Of course, the center of gravity of the vehicle should be well controlled when in use to ensure that the vehicle can stably unload cargo.

Second, on the issue of vehicle lift control. The function of unloading the dump truck at the time of the work of the Quad Bridge is achieved through the control of the lift function of the vehicle by the operator. Therefore, to ensure the stable operation of the vehicle, the speed of lifting and lifting the angle should be controlled. In general, starting from the beginning of the promotion to the completion of the process should be gradually accelerated. It is not recommended to start too fast at the beginning. This will easily lead to a rapid departure from the center of gravity, resulting in instability. The lift should be stopped when the angle reaches 40 degrees, so that the vehicle can smoothly complete the unloading work.

Third, questions about the use of vehicle sensors. The sensor of the four-axle dump truck can reflect the operation of the vehicle with a keen sense. Through the mastery of these data, it can prompt the operator how to control it. According to the condition of the car, certain adjustments are made to prevent the vehicle from shifting or tilting the center of gravity and maintain the stable operation of the vehicle. The sensors should be the focus of the maintenance and repair of the four axle dump trucks. If there is a malfunction, the use of the vehicles will cause a lot of inconvenience.

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